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Is The Carnivore Diet Healthy?

August 17th, 2018

Is The Carnivore Diet Healthy?

Is The Carnivore Diet Healthy?

The carnivore diet (also known as the zero carb diet) is a recent phenomenon which requires participants to eat solely animal foods. This is mostly animal organs, but also includes poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products. In essence, the carnivore diet is eating animal products for every meal, every day. This results in a diet high in protein and fat and very limited in carbohydrates. When the body is starved of carbohydrates, it uses ketosis to fuel the body.

Positive Outcomes

According to carnivore diet enthusiasts, the carnivore diet has several benefits. Some of them include: weight loss, help with the effect of some autoimmune diseases, alleviation of painful digestive issues, and clear thinking. In addition, the simplicity of the diet makes this approach to food less challenging compared to other diets. According to carnivore diet activists, coming from a nutritional/diet standpoint, it is not vital for us to eat plants.

The Issues

Lack of Dietary Fiber: If you are solely consuming meat, your body will lack the dietary fiber. This hurts the microbiome (active bacteria) in the colon. If the bacteria in the colon is compromised, it can have a damaging effect on our immune system and cause inflammation.
Cancer Risk: Phytonutrients found in plants can help protect our DNA. Not consuming these important nutrients, obstructs our ability to impede the formation of colon cancer.
Lack of Research: There has been almost zero significant scientific research done regarding the carnivore diet. We do not know any long-term effects of the carnivore diet, thus we do not know if it is suitable for everyone.

Things to Remember

The most important thing to remember in regards to living a healthy lifestyle is maintaining metabolic suppleless. In addition, it is important to make sure you are maintaining balance. With proper diet and exercise, your body is able to live up to its’ full potential. If you are looking to improve the areas of your life that affect us the most, consulting a medical professional for advice can be a big component of achieving your goals. Dr. Elist is a sexual health expert that can help you transform your lifestyle in order to reach prime satisfaction.

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