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Is condom use rising among young people?

July 23rd, 2018

Is condom use rising among young people?

Is condom use rising among young people?

The National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) found in a recent study that condom use is on the rise amongst young people. This data helps us understand different generations use of contraception, their relationships and overall reproductive health.
Out of the people surveyed, the study found that the majority of condom users are loyal to their method. About 56% of women condom users and 60% of men condom users use condoms as their sole birth control method.

What is it about condoms?

Studies have shown that the high percentage of young condom users is advantageous. This is because young people tend to be more sexually active. Those who are sexually active (and have multiple sexual partners) are more vulnerable to STIs and possible unwanted pregnancies. In addition, condoms are one of the most widely distributed form of contraception on the planet. For the younger population, access to other means of prevention can be limited.
Condoms to not prevent all sexually transmitted infections, but they do provide major prevention. Due to their low cost and easy accessibility- they remain a prominent part of sexual active people’s lives.


It is important for those who use condoms to know how to use them correctly. Due to their nature, they can slip and sometimes break. With more health education and training, condoms can be used more effectively.
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