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Female Urinary Retention

November 20th, 2013

Female Urinary Retention

Female Urinary Retention

When a woman’s bladder is full, the brain receives a message letting it know to instruct the bladder muscles to squeeze out the urine.  Sometimes though, the nerves aren’t working right and the message is never sent or there is an obstruction causing urine to be retained.  This is Female Urinary Retention-urine being retained in your bladder for various reasons.

Is This Condition Painful?

Often, Female Urinary Retention can be quite painful when it is acute and causes much discomfort including the need to urinate without success.  When this condition is chronic, the symptoms are constant and mild compared to acute but can be disruptive to your lifestyle and comfort.  Often, you have a difficult time to begin urination, then the flow can be weak and leaving you feeling like you still need to go even though you are finished.

Do I Need to See a Specialist for Diagnosis?

Yes!  Always seek out a urologist to diagnosis this condition.  Your urologist will use various methods to help him/her to diagnose your condition to find the most effective treatment for your unique health status.  It is very important for you to keep a diary of how often you urinate, how you feel (need to urinate remaining, pain, etc.), any other symptoms and always bring along a list of current medications and supplements you might be taking, briefly speaking, be prepared before going to visit your doctor!

Testing for Female Urinary Retention

Tests may include…

  • A simple urine sample which may reveal an infection that could be the cause of the urinary retention.

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