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Fat Injection for Penile Enlargement Complication Killed A Man

August 3rd, 2017

Fat Injection for Penile Enlargement Complication Killed A Man

Fat Injection for Penile Enlargement Complication Killed A Man

Penile enlargement is a popular procedure that is aimed at restoring the confidence and self-esteem in men. However, unsafe fat injection for penile enlargement surgery performed at a local Swedish plastic surgery clinic claimed the life of a young, healthy male.

Details Of The Incident And Fat Injection for Penile Enlargement Surgical Procedure

A 30-year old Swedish male with no significant medical history underwent a penile lengthening procedure via autologous fat injection. As part of the procedure, surgeons severed the ligament at the base of penis to ensure maximum penile elongation, followed by injection of about 60 mL (or 2 ounces) fat cells, derived from the belly of same patient to allow maximum girth. The fat cells were obtained by liposuction procedure. However, during the injection process, some fat cells were dislodged and made their way to the lungs of this patients via broken veins; causing fat embolism.

Towards the completion of surgery, patient suddenly developed low blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, and high heart rate. Despite emergency management, the patient slipped in cardiac arrest and ultimately died within 2 hours regardless of CPR.

What Should You Know About Fat Embolism?

It is noteworthy that fat embolism is a serious complication of long bone fractures and other severe tissue injuries. It is also reported less frequently in procedures like autologous fat transfers and liposuction. The risk increases if fat cells are introducedin a tissue with lots of broken capillaries or blood vessels (like in this case), as it facilitates the entry of fat cells in the general circulation.

What Are Other Complications Of Penile Enlargement Surgery Via Autologous Fat Injection Procedure?

Generally, the procedure is considered fairly safe and so far, this is the first ever reported death in a patient undergoing penile enlargement by autologous fat injection procedure; but several other complications may occur; such as:

  • Local deformities – caused by uneven administration of fat cells
  • Hematoma formation – characterized by swelling caused by damage to a blood vessel)
  • Infection – although fat cells are treated with saline and antibiotics prior to administration in the tissues; it may lead to introduction of infectious agents, thereby causing infection

Besides complications associated with administration of fat cells, there are several other adverse effects that are directly caused by the method of collecting fat cells such as, liposuction. Several research studies suggest that liposuction of excessive volumes can lead to:

  • Perforation or permanent damage to the tissue from where fat cells are being extracted
  • Infection if complete aseptic measures are not employed
  • Necrosis (complete and irreversible death of the tissue due to loss of blood supply)
  • Fat embolization (when fat cells get dislodged into the circulation and cause end-organ damage)

How To Ensure Results After Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Dr. Elist performs extensive clinical and laboratory testing before operating on a patient to ensure optimal results. As a surgeon and urologist, Dr. Elist has over 3 decades of experience (powered by research) to utilize his proven patented method which is Penis Enlargement Surgery by insertion of a subcutaneous soft silicone implant to enhance the girth and the appearance of length of penis, with minimal risk of complications. With over 4,000 procedures we have a high success rate, Dr. Elist does not perform PMMA and fat injections and believes temporary and hazardous solutions like PMMA and Fat injections are not only unsafe but can also prove fatal.

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