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Fatal Fat Embolization Killed Patient Looking For Penile Enlargement

August 4th, 2017

Fatal Fat Embolization Killed Patient Looking For Penile Enlargement

Fatal Fat Embolization Killed Patient Looking For Penile Enlargement

The quest for an enlarged penis through FAT INJECTION resulted in the death of a man in Sweden.

According to a new report published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, a 30-year old, Swedish man, resident of Stockholm, died during a penile fat injection plastic surgery procedure performed in a local clinic.  The procedure involved transfer of fat from the belly to the penis under general anesthesia. Unfortunately, in this case it resulted in a severe complication, claiming the life of the individual.

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Details Of The Fat Injections for Penile Enlargement Procedure

Surgeons performed a multi-step procedure; starting with loosening of a penile ligament at the penile base to elongate the penis shaft. This was then followed by enlargement of penis by injection of fat cells (2 ounces). Unfortunately, the fat cells that were injected to increase the girth, detached during the procedure and traveled to the patient’s lungs via punctured veins; ultimately resulting in fat embolization.

The patient almost immediately went into cardiac arrest and died 2 hours later despite cardiac resuscitation.

What Caused The Death Of This Patient?

The team of doctors explained that the death is most likely caused by the technique of the procedure i.e. elongation of penis through the simultaneous injection of fat cells. There have been several case reports in which the similar technique has caused death in perfectly healthy patients who are undergoing buttock lift and similar procedures.

Doctors also suggested that the risk of fat embolization is fairly high when fat injections are administered to a pre-traumatized tissue. Some other doctors suggested that penile lengthening by autologous fat injection is never a safe procedure and is associated with high risk of complications as well as disfigurement.

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