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What Is Erectile Tissue in Males and How Does it Work?

September 4th, 2014

What Is Erectile Tissue in Males and How Does it Work?

What Is Erectile Tissue in Males and How Does it Work?

An important function of the penis is to aid in sexual reproduction. To do so, the penis becomes erect. Interestingly enough, humans are quite unique when it comes to erect penises. First of all, unlike many other animals, the human penis has no erectile bone. Instead, the penis becomes erect due to the engorging of blood into the penis. This results in the penis being unable to go into the groin.

Erectile Tissues in the Penis

Erectile tissue is the tissue in the body that becomes stiff when filled with blood. The penis is the best-known body part which contains erectile tissue. The penis itself is made up of three tissue sections. The first two form the corpus cavernosa, and the third is the corpus spongiosum. The corpus cavernosa line the penis shaft, with both sections of the tissue part joining together at the head. The corpus spongiosum is made of sponge-like sections. This is the structure that transports semen and urine.
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How Erectile Tissues Work

These tissues work in conjunction to make sure that the penis is erect and that there is sexual arousal. The corpus cavernosum fills with blood to harden the organ. While this is happening, the corpus spongiosum retains an elastic state that allows for ejaculation, which is the ejection of semen from the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction

If a man is unable to get an erection, this is termed as erectile dysfunction.
In the penis, erectile tissue is lined with endothelium, which is a thin layer of cells that are responsible for reducing the instability of the flow of blood. This allows the blood to travel farther. There is also the connective tissue, which is known as the septa. These enclose and separate into smaller units.
A lot goes into making a penis erect, something people may not realize when the penis is erect. The ability of humans to even procreate all comes down to the unique ability of the penis to become erect, thanks to erectile tissue.

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