Dr. Elist Implant Reviews in the news

Dr Elist Penis Enlargement Before After Photo
Dr. Elist Implant Reviews in the news

Elist Implant Reviews published in PRNews Wire

PRNews Wire published an article with an Elist Implant Review.
The article reviewed a revolutionary procedure for men. The technology involves helping men experiencing sexual difficulties, and the corresponding emotional trauma, due to penile deformities, micro-phallus, ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder‘, and other causal problems through the subcutaneous implantation of a non-liquid, pliable, and patented medical grade silicone prosthesis.
elist implant reviews by PR NewsWire
It has been mentioned in the Elist Implant Reviews by the article that the technique is considered effective, and the improvements for the patients are immediate. Many men have long sought a way to safely enhance their genital size and appearance. This unique approach is being used to help men with genital deformities and limitations, as well as others with emotional and perceptual issues, all of whom are seeking a larger and aesthetically enhanced penis.
Dr. Elist in Surgery (Elist Implant Reviews)The Elist Implant Reviews by this article states that this compelling and patented prosthetic device and surgical procedure has been designed and developed by Dr. James J. Elist, a highly recognized urologist based in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Elist is a widely renowned specialist in infertility, impotency, and genital reconstructive surgery. Dr. Elist has published books, including ‘Put Impotency In Your Past’, and is acknowledged as the urologist credited by the U.S. Surgeon General at the time with proving the link between cigarette smoking and impotency, as well as other diseases.