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Drugs Free Ways To Testosterone Levels

November 28th, 2016

Drugs Free Ways To Testosterone Levels

Drugs Free Ways To Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is vital for men in different ways, whether it is sexual health or overall general health. After hitting the age of 30 years, testosterone levels tend to decline progressively by up to 1% every year. Low testosterone is characterized by decreasing interest in sex, depression, low energy levels, poor stamina and sleeping problems. In this regard, using drugs/supplements or testosterone replacement therapy is an arguable topic, as some healthcare professionals supports it while others consider it as an unsafe option. However, there are some tried and tested ways to elevate testosterone without using drugs or hormones.

  • Avoid Excessive Alcoholism:

Drinking alcohol in moderation does not pose any harm to your sexual health. In fact, alcohol in moderation is believed to release stress and anxiety and help males with erectile dysfunction to perform in a much better fashion. However, excessive or chronic drinking is dangerous as it converts testosterone into estrogen. Healthcare providers define moderate drinking as consumption of 2 glasses per day (with each glass no more than 5 ounces).

  • Shed Extra Pounds:

Being overweight or obese is the key to many diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Body weight higher than recommended levels can decrease the testosterone levels significantly. According to a new study, with every 10-pound gain in body weight, testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase subsequently. In addition, obesity also aggravates the risk of diabetes and other vascular disorders that are directly related to erectile dysfunction and other types of sexual dysfunction. In short, losing weight is a safe and effective method for boosting testosterone levels.

  • Say Bye To Stress:

Cortisol is a stress hormone which suppresses the effect of testosterone on the peripheral tissues, according to a new study conducted by the research scientists of University of Texas, Austin in 2010. Various new clinical studies have also provided evidence that serum levels of testosterone drop, when stress level increases. There are many ways to reduce stress including deep breathing exercises and aerobic training. Weight training and exercise have a bimodal action; i.e. reducing weight and relieving depression to boost testosterone levels naturally.

  • Build Muscles:

Interval training and muscle building exercises are quite beneficial in elevating testosterone levels, as it helps releasing the testosterone from the proteins. A research study was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, according to which significant increase in testosterone was observed in wrestlers who had a drug free, 4-week sprint-interval training program. It is imperative to mention that this approach is associated with longer lasting results.

  • Sleep Well:Natural Alternatives To Testosterone Supplementation image

Sleep deprivation can lower testosterone levels. Inadequate amount of sleep raises cortisol levels which in turn suppresses testosterone. Men who sleeps for less than 5 hours experience low T symptoms. Therefore, it is important to have good sleep in order to enjoy a healthy and sexually active lifestyle.

  • BPA Exposure:

Exposure to BPA can lower testosterone, as it has the tendency to act as an estrogen inside the body. It is found in the inner linings of canned foods and beverages and in water bottles made up of plastic. A study published in Fertility and Sterility showed low sperm count in men who had high levels of BPA. Men should avoid drinking from plastic bottles and instead use glass or thermos made up of steel. Also, avoid warming food inside plastic containers.

  • Zinc:

Sometimes low testosterone symptoms are experienced due to zinc deficiency. If that is the case, taking zinc supplements or food enriched with zinc such a spork, beef and shellfish can prove very helpful. 12 to 15 mg of zinc per day is beneficial for naturally improving serum testosterone levels.

  • Eat Healthy Fats:

Testosterone is made from cholesterol! Excluding fats completely from your diet can lower the testosterone levels. Consumption of “good fats” such as fats taken from olive oil, avocado and nuts raise testosterone without elevating the risk of artery clogging.

  • Cut Off Sugar:

High sugar intake is directly associated with a decline in serum testosterone levels. The hazardous effects are mediated by reactionary high stress levels. Reducing amount of sugar in your diet can significantly help in preventing the age-related loss of testosterone.


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