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Dr Elist Reviews Sexual Addiction

August 29th, 2014

Dr Elist Reviews Sexual Addiction

Dr Elist Reviews Sexual Addiction

In this week’s topic review, Dr. Elist reviews and summarizes the topic of Sex Addiction. Earlier, he touched upon the topics of Sex Addiction with it’s associated signs and symptoms, types and ways to help control it, in addition to the recent trend of sexting. Often considered a taboo topic, sex addiction has become a prominently talked about topic due to its increasing incidence amongst the general population within the past few years.

Dr Elist’s Description of Sexual Addiction

Generally considered a kind of hypersexual disorder, people suffering from sexual addiction may find themselves preoccupied with thoughts about sex, sexual urges and desires. Often, these urges can be difficult to control that leads the individual to progress to act out these feelings and urges. Decreased interest or time for work, school or social relationships, excessive masturbation, taking risky sexual behavior and practices, or having extra-marital affairs are just some of the signs one might have when suffering from sexual addition.

Dr Elist’s Suggestion for Treatment of Sexual Addiction

Treatment of sex addiction can be complicated and is contingent on having the person admit they have a problem. Once that first step is accomplished (often the most daunting one) only then can treatment options commence. Such options include interventions and counseling to show that the person has a support system they can rely on, avoiding triggers that can perpetuate their urges and subsequent behaviors, and medication to help with concomitant disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Sexting and Dr Elist’s Recommendations for Parents

Within the past few years, there has been an increasing trend of sending pictures of, or discussing, sexually explicit material via text messages. Also known as “sexting,” this trend has become so common that it has been seen in children as young as elementary school age. Teen girls are especially under increasing pressure by peers to share sexually explicit photos of themselves. While classified under child pornography in some states, the punishment for underage sexting can be severe. Some of the signs that your child may be involved in sexting are: being overly protective of their cellular phone, signs of depression, changes in their self-image, or changes in the way they dress. If you suspect that your child may be involved in sexting, talk to your child about the potential risks associated with it. If your child is unresponsive or becomes defensive about the subject, you can monitor their cell phone usage to see any recent trends in their phone usage.
If you or someone you know may be suffering from sexting, sex addiction or it’s signs and symptoms, consult your primary care doctor today. Support is key, and with treatment, those suffering from sex addiction or sexting can find a way to break its addiction. If you have a suggestion for a blog topic review, please feel free to submit it and if chosen we will write about your proposed topic.

Signs of Sexual Addiction Info-Graphic

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