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Dr Elist Reviews Men’s Health Issues

August 5th, 2014

Dr Elist Reviews Men’s Health Issues

Dr Elist Reviews Men’s Health Issues

For the latest reviews in men’s sexual health, check out Dr. Elist’s latest monthly newsletter! Every month, Dr Elist reviews and showcases different aspects, issues and concerns of the male sexual health field and provides insight and perspective. In the July 2014 issue, Dr Elist reviews Testicular Self Examination, Sexophobia, as well as the recent publication of the silicone implant for penile deformities.

Dr Elist Reviews Testicular Cancer Self Examination

One of the most prominent cancers of males aged 15-35, testicular cancer’s early detection is essential for the best treatment and outcome. Dr Elist reviews and explains the benefits of self-examination and how every man can play an active role in the detection an prevention of progression of testicular cancer.

Dr Elist Reviews Sexphobia

dr elist reviews, sexophobiaSexphobia, or the fear of the opposite sex, is more common than you may think. It is not exclusive to men however, and can effect women as well. Equally important as identifying sexophobia is to understand the underlying causes and reasoning, whether it be past trauma or stress. In this month’s newsletter, Dr Elist reviews different and common causes, symptoms and treatments.

Dr Elist Himplant Reviews in Open Journal of Urology

In this month’s edition of the Open Journal of Urology, Dr. Elist’s recently published article reviews how his subcutaneous silicone implant has now been cleared to help treat penile deformities. Always at the forefront of discovery, this new milestone yet again demonstrates Dr. Elist’s relentless pursuit of helping men everywhere achieve normal sexual health and intimacy.
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