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Does Vasectomy decrease sexual drive?

November 6th, 2015

Does Vasectomy decrease sexual drive?

Does Vasectomy decrease sexual drive?

Vasectomy is a micro-surgical procedure that is usually performed to achieve permanent contraception in males. Most men are reluctant to consider vasectomy as a preferred method of contraception due to this popular notion that vasectomy adversely affects male libido, sex drive and sexual performance in the bedroom.

But is it true? Can vasectomy affect your sex drive?

Based on clinical data and statistics, vasectomy has no long-term effects on the libido or sex drive in men. In fact, it is interesting to mention that a number of males report remarkable improvement in sexual vigor and enthusiasm when they don’t have any fear of undesired pregnancy. However, some men may experience certain undesired adverse effects. Read further to know how your sex life can be affected after vasectomy procedure.

What physiological changes occur after Vasectomy?

The aim of vasectomy procedure is to block/ seal the passage that transfers the sperms into the ejaculate. The physiological effect of this surgical intervention is, reduction in the volume of ejaculate by 2% to 5%. It is noteworthy that these volumetric changes are trivial and doesn’t affect the quality of intercourse in any way possible.

It is important to mention that sexual libido or sex drive is maintained by the primary male hormone, testosterone. Fortunately, vasectomy procedure does not affect the production or metabolism of testosterone by male gonads.

Is there a connection between loss of sex drive and vasectomy?

Effects of a Vasectomy ImageSexual libido and desires are a subject to variation, depending upon several factors (such as physiological aging, hormonal fluctuations, changes in the quality of relationships, other medical or metabolic issues etc.). Most men get this procedure in middle age; when the chances of developing other health issues that may affect libido are high (such as disorders of urinary tract, prostate, reproductive system etc.). These issues are often confused with the side-effects of vasectomy.

But it has been observed that most men end up blaming vasectomy procedure for negative changes in libido even if the sexual dysfunction is due to physiological causes. If you are experiencing any sudden/ abrupt or unexplained fluctuations in your sexual performance or your libido/ sexual desires; make sure to speak to your healthcare professional regarding other possible causes of sexual dysfunction.

Are there other medical complications of Vasectomy procedure?

Besides libido, there are a number of medical complaints that are often linked to vasectomy adverse effects (however there is no connection whatsoever). Some of these are:

1. No Negative changes in the serum levels of Testosterone:

Production of testosterone decreases with age. Research indicates that testosterones production decreases by about 1% every year after the age of 30. Most men opt for vasectomy in late 30’s or 40’s, which also means that the testosterone reduction has already started.

The reduction of testosterone affects your sex drives; men report less erections, changes in body weight and mood changes that may range from mood disorders to depression. A man’s reaction is understandable when he blame all these problems on the latest surgery he had. It is the duty of primary care provider to explain the individual about the physiological changes of testosterone metabolism.

2. No Risk of Erectile Dysfunction:Depression Screening and Erectile Dysfunction Image

Some degree of erectile dysfunction is normal with natural aging process. The risk of having ED increases with advancing age as well as certain medical and psychological conditions such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, obesity, mood disorders, depression etc. however, it is noteworthy that there is no direct connection between ED and vasectomy.

3. No added risk of Prostate Enlargement:

Increasing age also aggravates the risk of prostatic hypertrophy. Classic symptoms of prostate enlargement include poor urinary stream, partial emptying of bladder, recurrent trips to bathroom, higher frequency of urination at night. Prostate enlargement and urinary symptoms are not a result of vasectomy; however, most men may begin to notice their urinary symptoms after procedures like vasectomy. The symptoms are usually controlled by medications but in severe cases surgery may be needed.

What factors may affect your Sexual Performance?

Clinical data suggests that sexual drive or performance is usually affected by mental and emotional factors such as uncontrolled and chronic stress, anxiety issues and depression. Psycho-social factors are the most common cause of decreasing libido in males that can adversely affect the sexual vigor and enjoyment.

There should be no sexual issues after a successful vasectomy; but it is logical to claim that problematic vasectomy can affect sex drive in males. Vasectomy performed in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon can cause some issues. Common side effects/ complications of vasectomy that may negatively affect sex drive temporarily are; infection, hematoma formation and bleeding. Make sure to follow the instructions after the procedure and if you still develop some complaints, speak to your doctor immediately.


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