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Does Vasectomy Affect Your Sexual Desire

March 7th, 2018

Does Vasectomy Affect Your Sexual Desire

Does Vasectomy Affect Your Sexual Desire?

Although a quick procedure that lasts a mere 20 minutes, Dose Vasectomy Affect you’re sexual Desire? Vasectomies make many men uncomfortable and nervous. It is reasonable to ask questions when you decide to have a pair of scissors come close to your penile area.
When a vasectomy is performed, the pathway which carries the sperm from your testicles to your urethra is blocked. Sperm is still produced, but it can no longer travel to be ejaculated. Two weeks later, you will be able to have sex again.
Millions of men, all over the world choose to get a vasectomy. Is there was a negative impact on sexual desire that directly correlates to vasectomies, we would know: there is no credible evidence.

Your libido is safe

What fuels your sex drive is testosterone, which is produced and housed in the testicles an area completely unaffected from the vasectomy procedure. It also has no relation to erectile functions.
In fact, men have stated that their sex drive has increased to due the lack of worry regarding contraception. With a vasectomy, men don’t have to fret about unintended pregnancies, making their anxiety level low when entering a sexual encounter.


 Usually, men decide on getting a vasectomy at the age when they are likely to have my problems in the prostate, reproductive systems, and urinary tract. These health problems are very common within men and can develop with or without a vasectomy.

Psychological factors affecting sexual performance

If you are experiencing problems with your sex life, it is very unlikely your vasectomy is the cause. If you have difficulties with your sexual performance or suffer from anxiety due to your inability to perform, Dr. Elist can help. As a leader in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, his specialization in penile enlargement surgery and other male enhancement procedures can reshape the way you experience sex for the better.
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