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Condom Sizing – How To Find The Right Fit?

June 24th, 2016

Condom Sizing – How To Find The Right Fit?

Condom Sizing – How To Find The Right Fit?

Most men are very cautious and careful when it comes to the size and dimensions of their penis. It is also a matter of great anxiety for them to know if they are too small or too large. Besides bragging among peers, knowing what size you are, is also important for other reasons.

Condom Sizing – Is It Important?

Here is why it is a good idea to know the size of your penis and condom size:

  • Knowing the appropriate dimensions helps in getting the right sized condom.
  • Too tight or too loose condoms can cause considerable discomfort during sexual intercourse; thereby compromising the quality of sexual relationships.
  • It has been observed that compliance is generally low in men who are not happy with the fit and feel of their condom.

According to a new study reported in the scientific journal Contraception (1), investigators suggested that the effectiveness and benefits of condoms depends largely on their use. The data obtained from crossover analysis among 108 couples also suggested that:

  • Quality and duration of sexual intercourse varies with different types of condoms.
  • Early penile ejaculation is less frequently reported with the female condoms.
  • Ill-fitting condom can lead to ejaculatory dysfunction in males.
  • Besides erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory problems, an ill-fitting condom is more likely to slip or tear during the intercourse.

Issues With Condom Sizing – Is It A Myth Or Fact?

blog-wear-condomsScientists at Indiana University, conducted an analytical study on a sample of 949 heterosexual adult condom users (comprising of 178 females and 771 males). The purpose of the study was to evaluate condom feel and fit issues in a diverse sample to derive important inferences. Based on the results published in the Journal of Primary Prevention (2), investigators concluded that approximately 38% sample reported at least one episode of condom feel and fit problem in the past 90 days.

Most common issues that are reported with ill-fitting condom are (2):

  • Lack of natural feel
  • Impaired or absent sensations during sexual intercourse
  • Absence of sexual pleasure
  • Feeling of discomfort or pain due to size alone

Condom Size According To The Penile Girth

National Institute for Health (NIH) suggests that average penile length is 5.5-6.3 inches (or 14- 16 cm) and most regular condoms have limited stretchability to accommodate slightly bigger or slightly smaller penises. But according to Sexual Health Intervention initiated by Atlanta students in Cape Town, South Africa, 72% participants reported that they would prefer custom-sized condoms over regular condoms.

Besides length, other important characteristics (such as girth) also plays a major role in determining the condom size.

  • For Penile girth less than 119 mm (or 4.7 inches), snugger fit condoms are the best choice.
  • For Penile girth between 119 mm and 130 mm (or 4.7 to 5.1 inches), regular sized condoms are usually a best fit.
  • For Penile girth over 130 mm (or 5.1 inches), a larger condom is the best fit.

If you haven’t found a perfect physical barrier as yet, keep your eyes open. Experiment with different brands and styles to find the one that suits your requirements and preferences. Besides different sizes condoms are also available in different forms and shapes. Depending on your choice, you can opt for flared, straight or flavored condoms.

In the end, it is not the size or girth that matters. Research and clinical surveys indicates that partner satisfaction is independent of penile size. If you are still unhappy or dissatisfied with your existing penile size, schedule an appointment with an expert.

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