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Can Safe Sex Makes You Look Younger?

July 22nd, 2016

Can Safe Sex Makes You Look Younger?

Can Safe Sex Makes You Look Younger?

Regular but safe sex can have a huge impact on your physical health according to a new study. Based on a research conducted at Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Scotland), investigators reported that individuals who perform sexual intercourse at least three times per week can look up to 5-15 years younger than their age. The inferences were drawn after analyzing a study sample ranging in age from 18 years to 102 years (1).

According to a new study conducted by investigators at University of California, San Diego; investigators suggested that women who are in healthy, satisfying sexual relationships tends to age more gracefully then those who have a poor sex life. Based on the data obtained from 1235 women (who were enrolled in the study since 1993, so that the investigators can analyze the results closely), investigators discovered that about 67% women in group A (comprised of women between 60-69 years), 60% women in group B (comprised of women between 70-79 years and 61% women in group C (comprised of women between 80-89 years) reported their sexual life ‘very satisfying’. This study also highlighted the fact that elderly individuals can maintain healthy sex lives regardless of aging process.

How Safe Sex Helps You Look Younger?

Research scientists have proposed several mechanisms; for example:

  • Sex acts as a stress reliever: According to WebMD, human body releases endorphins and other happy chemicals during sexual intercourse, which elevates mood and minimize the risk of depression and anxiety (2).
  • Lower risk of developing serious health issues: Study reported in Biological Psychology (3) suggested that individuals in steady relationships are at lower risk of developing hypertension, as compared to single individuals. Investigators proposed that individuals in monogamous relationships are more relaxed, free from infecHealthy Sexual Relationship imagetious diseases and overall more satisfied emotionally and sexually, which translates into a lower risk of developing metaboli men who engage in sexual encounters at least twice a week are less likely to develop cardiovascular issues. This inference was drawn after conducting regression analysis on a sample of 1165 men.c health issues. According to another study reported in the American Journal of Cardiology (4), investigators suggested that
  • Calorie Burner: Regular sex helps in burning calories and keeping basal metabolism in check. Healthy sex itself is an indicator of good health; because poor health compromises the ability to engage in healthy sexual encounters.
  • Lesser risk of mental health issues: Research indicates that men in steady relationships tend to engage in sexual intercourse 400% more frequently when compared to single men. In addition, their partners experiences orgasms more frequently. All these factors improves the quality of relationships; thereby lesser risk of mental health issues, such as depression anxiety etc.
  • Improvement in immune functions: Several research studies have shown that regular sex improves the functioning of immune system in men. Carl Charnetski, the lead researcher provided statistical evidence that men who engage in regular sexual encounters (at least once a week) are less likely to fall victim to common illnesses such as allergies, cold etc. mainly because of improved immunological functions. Study (5) also suggested that the effects on immunological health are partly mediated by elevation in the serum IgA levels (the immunoglobulin that serves as the first line of defense).
  • Lower risk of sexually transmitted infections: People who are in steady sexual relationships are more proactive and careful when it comes to protection. According to a new survey, people who are less likely to engage in the sexual behavior are less prepared for protection against STDs. Needless to say that chronic STIs can greatly deteriorate the overall physical health and wellbeing in the individuals.
  • Sex is a natural analgesic: The pain threshold increases during sexual activity in response to the hormones and neurotransmitters released. In other words, people are less likely to feel pain. According to a new study reported in the clinical journal Cephalalgia (6), investigators suggested that although most people don’t feel the urge to engage in a sexual encounter during migraine attack or cluster headache episode, but engaging in sexual activity during an active episode can lead to partial or complete resolution of symptoms. Based on the data obtained from 800 patients with a history of migraine headaches and 200 patients with cluster headaches, about 60% and 31% respectively reported complete resolution of symptoms after engaging in sexual activity.

Regular and safe sex can therefore help in improving vitality, quality of life and physical health, which directly impact your cosmetic appearance and emotional well-being.


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