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May 21st, 2015



Bisexuality refers to the feeling of getting attracted to members of both the genders. Bisexuals believe that their sexual orientation is fluid and keeps changing with time. People who are bisexual are attracted towards a particular gender but are totally aware that this attraction is not exclusive. However, numerous people who are actually bisexual refuse to acknowledge their sexual orientation as there is a lot of social prejudice against bisexuality. That is why it is very difficult to analyze the extent of bisexuality in a culture.

Bisexual Experience

Homosexuality ImageBisexuality has often been referred to as a silent, excluded, or invisible sexual orientation. A lot of bisexuals are subjected to biphobia as it is a general belief that people are attracted only to people of the same or opposite gender. Since bisexuals are attracted to people of both the genders, they are subjected to negative behavior and attitudes that is specifically aimed at them. At times bisexuals are thought to be gay or lesbian and at times people think that they are heterosexual. This creates a cloak of invisibility on the sexual orientation of bisexuals. Biphobia can also be attributed to the fact that people refuse to acknowledge the existence of bisexuals. A number of bisexual women are regarded as promiscuous and are portrayed in a very negative manner. They are often blamed for breaking relationships. The very presence of bisexual men is not acknowledged and they are very often depicted as being feminine.
Bisexuals are often thought to be confused people who are not able to make up their mind. They are asked numerous questions which would be easily considered offensive by heterosexuals, gays, and lesbians. Bisexual people are blamed for spreading diseases. They are portrayed as evil and manipulative. People always believe that bisexuals will leave either the same or the other gender partner. Bisexual people are viewed only with respect to their sexual practices and are treated as objects that fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Coming Out With Bisexual Identity

Heterosexuality ImageComing out means disclosing about your specific sexual identity to your near and dear ones. It is considered as a big psychological step which is very important for mature and healthy sexual identity. Numerous bisexual people go through a lot of concerns regarding the time when they want to declare that they are bisexual. They are often not sure about who to tell about their sexual orientation. This is typically because of the invisibility regarding the very existence of bisexuals and stereotypical depictions. They also go through a lot of pressure to come out as lesbian or gay rather than as a bisexual. Numerous people feel that coming out is not important as such people are then subjected to exclusion, violence, and discrimination.

Bisexuality and Health

Bisexuals go through numerous mental health problems such as depression, self harm, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. They often face issues such as abuse, violence, and homelessness which further puts them at a higher risk for getting mental health problems. Studies have found that bisexual men are likely to use recreational drugs and often get addicted to smoking and drinking. Bisexual people are often blamed for spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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