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Basic Guide to Lubricants

May 23rd, 2018

Basic Guide to Lubricants

Basic Guide to Lubricants 

When a woman is sexually aroused, her vagina creates a wetness or natural lubricant. This wetness allows for pain-free and comfortable sex. However, there are times that women experience vaginal dryness. This can be a result of low estrogen levels. A lubricant acts a substitute to this natural wetness and makes sex more pleasurable. The lubricant is not just used to help vaginal wetness but has become a way to spice up the bedroom. Many men use lube to prevent friction and make sexual experiences last longer. The sensations brought on by lube can enhance sex and arousal. So here, we have the basic guide to lubricants.

What is a Lubricant?

A lubricant is a gel or liquid that is used during sexual intercourse. Lubricant helps create smoothness during penetration. Applying lubricant to the penis can make it easier to partake in intercourse.

What You Should Know

There are many types of lubricants on the market that can be used for a variety of things. Lubricants provide a way to stimulate your sex life while also creating more comfortability. Often lubricants can inspire our sex life- giving us confidence to step out of the box and try new things.

Types of Lubricants

  • Water Based: Water-based lubricants are considered the safest and most friendly lubricants on the market. They are relatively clean and user-friendly. In addition, they are the less likely to cause irritation due to their water-based consistency. Some water-based lubricants do contain Glycerin (sugar) which can have an effect on a women’s PH levels and can cause yeast infections. They also dry out quickly, which can lead to several uses of lubes per session.
  • Oil Based: Oil-based lubricants protect dry sexual tissues. Most men prefer oil-based lubricants when masturbating due to their “smoothing quality.” Usually, roughness is eliminated by oil-based lubricants. However, when using oil-based lubricants for sex, make sure to use a Polyurethane condom, as the oil is more likely to break latex.
  • Silicone Based: The newest and hottest trend in lubes is using silicone as the main ingredient. The most unique thing about silicone based lubricant is the fact that it is essentially waterproof. You can use silicone based lubricants in the pool or shower and it will last a lot longer than any other lubricants. Due to their waterproof nature, they do take longer to wash off, soap and water is recommended.

Boost and Increase Pleasure

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