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How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

October 13th, 2014

How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Hormones are regulatory substances produced by glands within the body and are used as a signaling mechanism to other organs or glands in distant parts of the body. Some examples of hormones are thyroid, insulin, testosterone, and estrogen. Responsible for maintaining many of our body’s natural functions, when the amount or timing of these hormones are disrupted, either by diseases, disorders, age or other factors, it can result in a disequilibrium within the body. Treatment of deficient hormones is often replacement of that hormone (hormone replacement therapy). However, before beginning hormone replacement therapy, speak with your doctor if there are any alternative or natural methods to help improve or balance your hormones. Below are some great ways to help keep your hormones in balance!

Diet and Exercise

Exercise Prostate CancerThe best start is to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercise and eating healthy are the best ways to keep your body in optimal health. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are a great way to help keep your hormones in balance. Also, it has been shown that excessive amounts of cellulite can effect and change hormones production as well as change hormones that are produced.

Less Caffeine

Soda-Prostate-CancerLimit caffeine intake. As difficult as it may be for some people, caffeine has been noted to raise cortisol (stress hormone) levels and has also been linked to decrease thyroid hormone production. Although it still contains trace amounts of caffeine, decaffeinated coffee is a good way to reduce your caffeine intake if you drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day.

Get Some Sleep!

Lack of sleep is one of the most surefire ways to disrupt the natural balance of your body. While each person’s ideal amount of sleep varies, too little can lead to raised cortisol levels and can suppress the effects and production of other hormones.
Simple lifestyle modifications are the simplest means by which we can cause lasting effects on our hormonal balance and health in the long term. Support is key and if you are able to go through these changes with a partner, it can make adherence and process even easier. A little bit of effort today, goes a long way tomorrow!

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