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Acupuncture and Erectile Dysfunction

February 18th, 2016

Acupuncture and Erectile Dysfunction

Can Acupuncture Help Erectile Dysfunction?

It is a no brainer that almost every pharmacological regimen or drug is associated with some degree of side-effects. Therefore it is no surprise that most people today opt for natural or alternative solutions to address their medical needs. For example, renowned ED drug, Viagra is known to cause delayed or painful ejaculation in some susceptible individuals besides cross-reacting with several other life-saving drugs.

But is there a natural and reliable solution to address this issue?

It has been reported that acupuncture has helped a number of men in regaining their sexual vigor and erectile control in the bedroom according to a new study reported in the Journal of Complementary Medicine (1).

Does Acupuncture Really Help In Managing ED?

A lot of people are really confused regarding the mode of action of acupuncture in the management of erectile dysfunction. For all those people, it is imperative to mention that no needle will be inserted in the groin or penile area.

According to a study reported in the International Journal of Impotence Research (2), investigators provided statistical evidence that acupuncture therapy alone was successful in restoring erectile functions in over 68.4% of the study subjects over the treatment period. In addition, several other parameters of sexual health also showed remarkable improvement over the treatment period; such as IIEF score, nocturnal penile erections and serum sexual hormone levels.

The aim of utilizing acupuncture therapy is to promote free flow of energy within the body by introducing extremely fine needles at designated spots. Based on clinical data and literature research, the mode of action of acupuncture in the management of ED is multifactorial; such as:

  • Acupuncture releases the happy chemicals in the body (also known as endorphins). These chemicals naturally improve the feelings of satiety, happiness and relaxation; thereby improving the libido and sexual performance.Sleep Apnea Image
  • This process is also known to improve the quality of sleep. It is a well-known fact that chronic sleep deprivation or sleep disorders can adversely affect libido. Therefore, any improvement in sleep can directly translates into healthy sexual performance and sexual vibrancy.
  • This therapy helps in improving the total body circulation – a key element that can cause or worsen erectile activity.
  • Besides, acupuncture helps in the optimal restoration of hormonal balance and aid in the resolution of several health issues (such as ulcers, heartburn, depression, high blood pressure and GERD) that can directly or indirectly (via prescription drugs) can cause erectile dysfunction.

Most acupuncturist adopt a comprehensive approach to identify the risk factors contributing to ED. Also, along with this, several Chinese herbs are prescribed with acupuncture therapy to completely restore your sexual productivity. Some notable herbs include; Maca, Ashwagandha and Elk Antler. Likewise, intake of certain fruit and vegetables with acupuncture further aids in the restoration of erectile activity; these include, lamb, bitter melon seeds roasted black & kidney beans, yams, shrimp, ginseng, scallion, sea cucumber and lycii fruit

Who Can Be Sn Ideal Candidate For Acupuncture Therapy For ED Management?

ED is ideally managed by Sildenafil (or other phosphodiesterase inhibitors); however, these drugs are not always a great choice for individuals with cardiac conditions and certain other health issues. Therefore all such individuals can opt for acupuncture therapy. In addition:

  • A lot of individuals who finds it embarrassing to consult a doctor or pharmacist for ED management can also speak to an acupuncturist for long term and permanent relief of symptoms.
  • Individuals who have a known history of reaction or allergy to conventional ED drugs can also opt for acupuncture therapy.
  • Individuals who are experiencing ED due to depression, tension, aggression, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue and other mental health/ psychological issues are also ideal candidates for acupuncture therapy.
  • Individuals who are experiencing other health issues like fatigue, depression, joint pain/ aches etc. can also get benefitted from acupuncture.

For best results, it is strongly indicated to take advice from your primary care provider in order to ascertain any other major cause of ED.


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