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6 Things to Do to Enhance Intimacy

November 6th, 2019

6 Things to Do to Enhance Intimacy

Intimacy between partners is the foundation of a happy and enduring relationship. Intimacy could be described as a feeling of closeness, familiarity, and affection. The key to enhancing intimacy with your partner is to take the emphasis off the sexual act itself and focus on creating feelings of warmth, affection, and tenderness.

Express yourself

Expressing yourself to your partner enhances every aspect of intimacy. Being able to talk about your thoughts, feelings, desires, and concerns to your partner is one of the most potent ways to create a robust and enduring relationship. Being honest and open with your communication is the only way to solve problems and have a genuinely fulfilling intimate life.

Listen to your partner

Enhancing intimacy with your partner is a two-way street. Not only should you express yourself and your feelings, but you should listen to your partner to create balance and harmony in your relationship. Knowing that you can both engage in self-expression and feel safe and heard is part of a genuine relationship. You can discover more about each of your goals, passions, likes, and dislikes, which translates into a more profound connection, both emotionally and physically.

Keep it playful

Keeping a relationship healthy requires keeping your acts of intimacy playful. The excitement you felt at the beginning of a relationship can burn out without feeding the flame.  Keeping intimacy playful adds that extra spark that keeps your relationship fresh and alive. Things that you can do to keep a relationship playful can be as easy as:

  • Planning a fun day out that involves something you both like to do
  • Going out and doing something you’ve both never done before
  • Taking a trip and trying something new
  • Explore playful physical interactions through touching
  • Playing intimate games that you both enjoy
  • Find and express something you love about your partner every day

Adventure into new territory

Be willing to break the routine. It is easy for couples to fall into a pattern. Your sex life with your partner may be less creative and turn into a routine that requires minimal effort. Breaking out of these habits can be as easy as planning an unexpected date or trying something new when you are engaged in intimacy. Take dance lessons and learn how to move together. If you have fallen into a standard way of engaging in intimate acts, it is time to restore a feeling of excitement and pleasure by trying something new – and surprising your partner.

Be intimate with yourself

Being intimate with yourself usually comes naturally. Getting to know yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and developing self-awareness goes a long way in becoming more intimate with yourself.

  • Practice self-awareness: Get to understand what you like so you can better communicate your needs and desires to your partner.
  • Explore your own body: Guilt and shame can often cast a shadow over how you feel about your body. The first step to having the body you love is to start enjoying it.
  • Practice self-care: Take time to take care of your own needs. Taking care of yourself boosts your feelings of confidence and self-worth.

PDA (Public Display of Affection)

The easiest of all, be willing to express your love in public. These often unconscious acts, such as a random loving touch or a gentle pat on the behind, can enhance feelings of intimacy with your partner. Stealing kisses and creating unexpected moments of passion is part of creating your relationship. Showing your affection in public can be a powerful way to enhance intimacy and add excitement to your relationship.

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