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5 Ways To Boost The Sperm Production

December 15th, 2016

5 Ways To Boost The Sperm Production

5 Ways To Boost The Sperm Production

Nearly 15% couples face difficulty in conceiving and in almost 1/3rd of the cases, the prime cause is bad quality sperms. Good news is, by acquiring a healthy lifestyle, quality of sperms can be improved significantly, according to a new study. Clinical studies suggest that sperm quality improves significantly in the absence of any intervention during winter and early spring season.

Natural Ways to Boost Sperm Production

There are many drug free ways to make sperms more fertile, some of which are:

  • Increase The Intake Of Antioxidants

Not all sperms are in perfect tadpole shape! Actually, an average guy’s 90% sperms are disfigured and does not allow proper penetration into the eggs. Too much exposure to free radicals or chemicals is something that may aggravate the risk of sperm damage or disfiguring.

Experts suggests that intake of lycopene (an antioxidant) in food can be helpful in fixing this problem. A quarter cup of tomato sauce contains 8,500 micrograms of lycopene – a quick remedy to revitalize the sperm quality in males.

  • Shed Some Sweat!

Intense, sweat shedding work out is great for sperm health. Losing weight and building muscles elevates testosterone levels, which enhances the sperm quality and quantity. A normal ejaculate contains 15 to 150 million sperms. Men who engage in healthy workout regimens have 33% higher sperm count as compared to those who spends a sedentary lifestyle less, says researchers from Harvard.

  • Make Sperms Mobile!What Are The Worst Sperm Killers? image

Did you know that excessive use of cell phones can reduce the mobility of your swimmers!? This is because the emission of electromagnetic waves from your cell phones can aggravate the risk of sperm injury and DNA damage to the sperms. After release, an egg remains feasible for about 12 to 14 hours, which means a sperm must reach the egg during this time. Avoiding excessive use of cell phones can make your sperms more mobile and therefore more likely to reach eggs on time for fusion!

  • Use Lubricants Wisely!

Lubricants are very helpful for better sex performance but, at the same time they can kill your sperms! Even “natural lubricants” contain acidic or alkaline chemicals that are hazardous for these swimmers. Some lubes can even destroy 72% of sperms in just 30 minutes after applications, says an Australian research.

  • Resistance Training Programs:

Though supplements are effective but no amounts of exogenous nutrients can replace the health benefits of resistance- training programs. These trainings are of much importance and even if you are already working hard, push yourself even further! Here are some tips:

  • As per research, alternating between strenuous workout and resistance training boost anabolic responses. For example, start with squats and bench press and end with small isolation movements.
  • Lifting methods such as, dropsets and forced reps keeps your testosterone secretion high!
  • Shorter workouts (less than one hour) with greater volume, accelerates the testosterone secretion.

With proper training and right supplement, one can get best results, without needing any special therapy.


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