3 Questions You’re Forgetting to Ask Your Doctor About Your Penis

3 Questions You’re Forgetting to Ask Your Doctor About Your Penis

When visiting your doctor, you don’t want to forget to ask the important questions. There are three big questions you should always ask when seeing Dr. Elist.

Does My Penis Appear Normal?

This question covers all manner of smaller questions you might have about your penis; everything from wondering if the size and shape of your penis are normal, to observing new spots, or rashes that have developed. Some examples of asking your doctor about the form of your penis might be: Is my penis size, curvature, and overall appearance normal? Are certain spots, colorations, and asymmetries anything to worry about? Is anything new in the form or appearance of my penis something I should be concerned about?

Does My Penis Feel Normal?

Similar to the appearance question, this question covers all smaller questions that you might be forgetting to ask your doctor such as the following: Does my scrotum feel normal? Are any bumps I feel along my penis and scrotum normal? Are sensations experienced during stimulation or urinating normal? Remind yourself as you are discussing your health any concerns you have about penis health, and bring up anything that is different, new, or that worries you.

Does My Penis Function Normally?

The third big question to remember to ask is if your penis is functioning normally. Have you noticed any changes in urination speed or volume lately? Dr. James ElistHave you noticed a loss of erection or trouble achieving erections? If anything seems unusual in the recent function of your penis, make sure to bring it up with Dr. Elist. Some other questions covered under here could be: Does my penis work in a normal fashion in general? Are my erections lasting long enough or is there trouble maintaining an erection?

These three big questions will always help you remember the bases to cover when meeting with Dr. Elist. An easy way to remember these critical questions is the 3Fs: Form, Feeling, Function. Does my penis form look correct? Does my penis feel correct to the doctor and to myself? Finally, does my penis function correctly and consistently? When you meet with Dr. Elist, run through these three Fs in your mind and get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction.