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10 Signs You’re A Sex Addict

October 31st, 2018

10 Signs You’re A Sex Addict

Sex addiction is powerful. It can negatively affect mental health, relationships, and overall interaction with society. If you believe you or your partner’s sexual behavior is exhibiting worrisome qualities, it is important to be aware of the signs.

Consistently Masturbating
Compulsively masturbating is one of the first signs of sex addiction. This can be especially worrisome if you have any active and satisfying sex life. Masturbating on an obsessive and chronic level can cause physical harm and also result in sexual dissatisfaction (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation).

Most of the time, addicts are keeping secrets in order to hide or cover up their actions. This can be a defensive mechanism (not wanting to hurt themselves or others) or can be a compulsive habit that doesn’t just have to do with sex. The more secrets that develop, the more compulsive lying can get. An underlay of distrust can have major backlash.

If your partner is dominating and controlling in the bedroom and leaves little room for you to explore your own sexuality, there could be an issue of imbalance of power. Little awareness or consideration for your sexual needs and desires is also a way of demonstrating control.

Defensive & Manipulative
Defensive behavior is a tell-tale sign of addiction. Those who are confronted and act defensively can be denial of their problems. Manipulative behaviors can be defined by those who act suspicious and flip the blame.

History of failed relationships
The proof is in the pudding. A history of bad, abusive, unstable relationships can be the first warning sign of a sex addict. Some sex addicts are afraid of commitment and turned off by monogamy.

Obsessive Kink
Make sure all kinky behavior is consensual. If you are forced to participate in kinky activity, feel uncomfortable, or feel pushed beyond your comfort zone, then there is breach of respect of trust. Those who forfeit respect in the bedroom might be acting out as a result of addiction.

Disregards Consequences
If behaviors and actions are causing negative consequences and someone fails to recognize or fix these behaviors, it could be a sign of addiction.

Preoccupied with sex
Any obsessive quality around sex can be a fair warning sign of addiction. If everything is surrounded around sex and “nothing else matters,” sex can be more of a unhealthy distraction than a joyful activity.

Selfish behavior can lead to careless behavior. If someone uses someone else’s body as an object (solely to get off), there is a lack of empathy and understanding.

Signs of a Double Life
Sex and your sexual proclivities are private areas of life. However, if you start lying and creating excuses in order to have sex, a risky double life can form. This can be damaging in all arenas.

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