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For men, small penis size can cause their self-confidence to plummet, leading to loneliness, sexual frustration, and even depression in some extreme cases. It can cause men to be embarrassed and shy away from engaging in sexual pleasure.

If you are facing a similar situation, there is a solution for you to live the lifestyle you desire. Thanks to experts like Dr. James Elist and the Penuma® implant, effectively treating a full spectrum of penile conditions has become possible.

Dr. James Elist M.D. is one of the first trained surgeons to perform procedures in Los Angeles involving medically-cleared penile implants. He practices urology privately in Beverly Hills, CA, but men from all across the country swear by his reputation.

San Diego penis enlargement patients, for example, have approached him for a penis enlargement surgery and saw results for themselves. Whether it's for a penile cosmetic enhancement or treatment for erectile dysfunction, impotence, and other physical conditions related to the penis, Dr. Elist has found solutions for multiple penile issues.

Penis Enlargement Process

Penis Enlargement Overview

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Dr. James Elist follows a unique approach to penis enlargement surgery. He uses the groundbreaking Penuma® Implant to achieve penile enhancement — something that sets his technique on the cutting edge. The implant is the invention of top urologists and scientists and has already proven its worth on a large number of patients.

During the procedure, Dr. James Elist makes a small incision at the base of the penis and slips the Penuma® Implant along the shaft above the corpus cavernosa. This straightforward and efficient implant procedure can enhance your penis by increasing girth and the appearance of length; individual results may vary.

Besides increasing penile size, a penis enlargement surgery using the Penuma® Implant provides the structure and appearance that leaves you feeling confident and masculine.

Patients in San Diego and surrounding areas should consider Dr. James Elist the right expert to approach for this procedure because of the following reasons:


Dr. James Elist has been practicing urology in Beverly Hills since 1982, building a successful track record of helping men with penile issues over the years. He is a well-versed and experienced surgeon who has been helping patients overcome their issues with successful solutions and results.


Are you concerned about privacy during your consultations? You can trust Dr. James Elist in this regard and you can feel free to discuss your concerns. He’s going to discuss potential risks and benefits with complete transparency.


If you come up to Los Angeles from San Diego to meet Dr. James Elist, you will be welcomed amicably by a team who will take care of you during your stay. In case you aren’t able to come up, you can consult with him through Skype or other video communication platforms.

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