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Many men with a small penis accept their less than adequate penis size as their destiny with no hope of improving their situation. While you cannot choose your penis size and width at birth, adding girth and length to it is something that is very much within reach. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic science, men now have the power to choose how their penis looks.

Dr. Elist is on a mission to ensure that a small penis does not impact the quality of life of any man. As one of the most respected and experienced authorities in the field of penile treatments, Dr. Elist understands the anatomy of the human penis like the back of his hand. When working on a case, he thinks both like an artist and a scientist. While the scientist in him helps him take the most logical route to address the root cause of the problem, his inner artist helps him visualize the final look after adding the proposed amount and type of penis enhancements.

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If you're searching for a San Antonio penis enlargement specialist, Dr. Elist is regarded as the foremost authority on the topic of penile enhancement. He was one of the first surgeons in the country to develop and deliver penile surgeries. When it comes to penile surgeries, no mistake is small and can open a Pandora’s Box of troubles. No one understands it better than Dr. Elist. With all of his experience, he has developed an eye for detail.

To avoid last minute confusions and changes, Dr. Elist meets his patients as many times as needed. During these interactions, Dr. Elist’s focus is on understanding the goals and motivations of the patient. Once both the patient and Dr. Elist are on the same page, Dr. Elist designs a treatment roadmap that addresses every ‘if’ and ‘but’ that the patient and the clinic staff may encounter on their way to the final goal.

Dr. Elist’s work precedes him. Over the years, he has received extensive media coverage. Many bodies have conferred him with different honors which speak volumes about his expertise. His journey so far has been fueled by his burning desire to help men struggling with body image issues due to their small penis.

His popularity can be gauged from the fact that every day, several patients from as far as San Antonio visit our clinic in Beverly Hills to consult Dr. Elist. Those who cannot visit our office can consult Dr. Elist via Skype or any other platforms.


The desire to touch as many lives as possible drives Dr. Elist to push the envelope every day. No matter the scope and nature of your penile concern, he will come up with a penis enlargement treatment option. To book an appointment with Dr. Elist, call (310) 652-2600 or fill out our contact form.

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