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Video Categories

Dr Elist Surgery 3D Simulation Videos

Surgical Procedures

3D Animation of the Actual Surgeries. You can see the step by step process of the key surgeries.

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Dr Elist Surgical Info Videos

Surgical Information

General information about surgeries and diseases. To do’s and not to do’s before and after surgeries.

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Penile Enlargement Experience

Penile Enlargement Patient Interviews

Patients talk about why they want to do a penile enlargement and how it will affect their life and Dr. Elist interviews them after surgery and they discuss their overall experience regarding the whole process of pre and post surgery.

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General Health Advice Videos

General Health

Dr. Elist talks about general health and hygiene and advises general tips to live a better and healthier life.

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TV and Media Interviews

TV & Media Interviews

Dr. Elist archive of TV, Radio and Media interviews, consists of lots of useful tips and information.

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