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Removal of Genital Lesions Surgery

Genital lesions can be both ugly looking and psychologically affecting sexuality. Most of the genital lesions are transmitted via the sexual route and you can contract them through sexual intercourse- even condoms are not a safe solution and there is no 100% protection provided with their use.

In male patients, genital lesions mostly appear at or around the penis. Common forms are condyloma, papilloma, Molluscum contagiosum, and herpetic vesicle. Upon evaluation and the right diagnosis, the treatment options include topical medications and genital lesion destruction and removal.

One of the most common forms of penile skin lesions are genital warts. Caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) the warts appear as flat or raised, more often as cauliflower like genital lesions on the penile shaft or the pubic area.


Genital Lesions Treatment

Treatment with topical options can sometimes be effective- if topical medications are not resolving the warts, destruction and removal remains the best choice of genital lesions treatment.

Dr. Elist offers both alternatives for genital warts. If a removal is warranted, Dr. Elist treats skin lesions of the penis by local application of a chemical, local electrodesication, local application of liquid nitrogen or the use of cryothermal instrument, or by laser beam to kill the diseased tissue or organism. Using a cotton-tipped applicator soaked in the chemical or an electrodesiccator, Dr. Elist applies the treatment to the specific genital lesions only, if the cotton-tipped applicator is dipped in liquid nitrogen (-78 degree Celsius , Dr. Elist carefully freezes or burns with the laser only the specific genital lesions. An electrodesiccator or a laser may be used to burn the genital lesions. Using these methods, no tissue is removed and no closure is required.

Larger genital lesions may need more extensive removal. Dr. Elist excises selected large lesions of the penis not removable by other methods. After adequate local anesthesia has been administered, he cuts out an elliptical piece of skin that includes the genital lesion and a rim of normal tissue. The resulting defect is closed with sutures. Sometimes and if warranted, Dr. Elist will chose to destroy extensive lesions of the penis using one or more of several methods.


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