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Who is a Candidate for the Penuma Penis Implant?

October 17th, 2019

Who is a Candidate for the Penuma Penis Implant?

The Himplant is a soft silicone device that adds girth and visible length to your penis. It is one of the only FDA-cleared methods of male enhancement with an implant. As a medical breakthrough, the Penuma penis implant delivers excellent amd functional results. While getting the implant is an exciting prospect for many men, there are a few guidelines regarding who can undergo the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate?

If a patient feels unhappy about the size of their penis, have considered male enhancement, and are over the age of 21, they may be a fit candidate for the Penuma penile implant. Patients living with one or more of the following make good candidates for the treatment:

  • Buried penis syndrome
  • Embarrassment or insecurity about penis size
  • Penis asymmetry and curvature
  • A penis lacking circumference or width

This is by no means a completed list. Our personal consultants specialize in answering any questions patients may have regarding the penis enlargement surgery and will help clarify any question regarding candidacy.

Who is Not a Fit Candidate?

Some situations will affect a patient’s ability to get the Penuma penis implant. The main deterrent is patients who have undergone other penile enhancement surgeries; these include:

There are other conditions that may prevent a patient from obtaining the Penuma penis implant.

It should be known that candidates may be experiencing issues that may be better addressed by a licensed therapist. Our office uses mechanisms for screening for these patients. Please inform your consultant if you are experiencing any body dystrophia, depression, or other psychological themes. 

Candidacy for this procedure will ultimately depend upon your consultation with Dr. James Elist and his team of specialists.

Why Previous Penis Enlargement Treatments Can Jeopardize Penuma Candidacy

Undergoing fat or PMMA injections, grafting, or lengthening treatments are not only ineffective methods of achieving penile enhancement results; they can be dangerous. While these may seem like natural, non-invasive fixes, there have been numerous complications associated with them and further research should be performed before pursuing.

Patients who have undergone the above penis enlargement surgeries could be affected in their ability to have the Penuma penile implant. This is mainly due to the damage inflicted on the skin of the penis from these procedures. The damaged tissue of the penis may be difficult or impossible to reverse, even by the most skilled surgeons.

How to learn more about the Penuma penile implant

The Penuma penile implant procedure is available at Dr. Elist’s Beverly Hills office. Changing the lives of thousands of men, he and his team will work with you in determining if you a proper candidate for this breakthrough penis enhancement surgery. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists and get the ball rolling in finding out if you are a fit candidate for the Himplant.

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