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What are the characters of highly sexual women?

November 2nd, 2018

What are the characters of highly sexual women?

There is limited research behind women’s sexuality. One study that has revealed some knowledge on highly sexual women was conducted in 2003. “The Lives and Voices of Highly Sexual Women”interviewed 44 highly sexual women. Through the study, Ph.D. candidate Eric Blumberg defined “highly sexual”as either (1) “having six or more orgasms a week solo or with partners, or (2) considering oneself highly sexual, with sex a key element in their lives.”
The women that were used in this study classified their high sexuality by their inability to ignore their sexual needs. They felt outside of the cultural norm that is often associated with women’s sexuality. Their feelings of difference resulted in feelings of distress, resulting in “major conflicts” and “painful struggles”.
Many women who describe themselves as highly sexual admit to having more comfortable relationships with men than women. They believe have a better understanding of sexual needs and feel more at ease discussing their sexual prowess with men.
In this study, 1o of the 44 participants (23%) reported incest or abuse. This is a common thread in sex addiction as well. Those who have addiction history, trauma or abuse can result in hyper sexual behavior or sex addiction.
This study has major limitations (only 2 Latinas, 1 African American, and 0 Asians participated). However it is a pioneering effort in trying to elucidate women’s sexuality and behavior.

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