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Turkey and Testosterone

August 24th, 2018

Turkey and Testosterone

Turkey and Testosterone

The proteins found in meat can increase a testosterone levels in the body. The increase of testosterone can help enlarge muscle mass and also reduce fat. A high protein (meat based) diet is popular amongst weight lifters and those who want to develop their strength.
In this case meat is not strictly red meat, but categorized as chicken, fish, pork, and turkey. Lean meats such as turkey are important in the sense that they are the fundamental in creating lean muscle mass.

More Lean Muscle Mass

The more lean muscle mass there is the body, the most testosterone is produced. If your muscle is more lean than fatty, the more the muscle is able to engage in exercise and thus testosterone production.

What is Special About Turkey?

Turkey is different than other lean meats due to its’ mineral and vitamin levels. Turkey contains zinc and tryptophan which are two compounds that help boost testosterone levels.
Tryptophan (this is what makes you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner) decreases cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can lower your testosterone production levels. Having Tryptophan in your system helps lower your cortisol levels, thus leaving more room for testosterone production.
Zinc is a fundamental ingredient in the chemical reaction that makes testosterone. The more zinc in your system, the more your body is set to better produce testosterone.

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