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Trichomoniasis Symptoms in Men and Women

July 3rd, 2013

Trichomoniasis Symptoms in Men and Women

Trichomoniasis Symptoms in Men and Women

Trichomoniasis (commonly referred to as “trich), the most common curable STD is caused by a parasite that spreads during sexual contact. It can be cured with prescription drugs.

It is important that your sexual partners be treated for trichomoniasis at the same time you are, and that you abstain from unprotected sex until your symptoms are gone, or else you will simply pass the disease back and forth.

The CDC estimates that there are more than 7 million new cases each year.

Trichomoniasis Symptoms

 Trichomoniasis Symptoms

About 70% of infected people do not have any signs or symptoms.  When trichomoniasis does cause symptoms, they can range from mild irritation to severe inflammation. Some people with symptoms get them within 5 to 28 days after being infected, but others do not develop symptoms until much later. Symptoms can come and go.

Trichomoniasis Symptoms in Men

Most men have no obvious symptoms. Some develop a mild discharge or slight burning during urination.

Trichomoniasis Symptoms in Women

Women may develop a yellow-green discharge with a strong odor, vaginal itching, or pain during sex or urination. Trichomoniasis symptoms usually begin 5 to 28 days after acquiring the parasite.

Having trichomoniasis can make it feel unpleasant to have sex. Without treatment, the infection can last for months or even years.

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