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Top Penis Enlargement Techniques

February 19th, 2020

Top Penis Enlargement Techniques

Penis size is a topic of debate among men and can affect self-confidence, as well as a number of other issues. There may be many different reasons someone is concerned with the size of their penis, from experiencing a penile condition to not being educated on the size of the average penis. Speaking with a professional surgeon can help identify the root cause of the issue and discuss possible solutions. There are a variety of penis enlargement techniques available on the market, and in this blog, we will explore your options.


What Is Penis Enlargement?

There are many reasons why a man may be unhappy with the visual appearance or performance of his penis. This can impact overall self-confidence, as well as sexual performance. Additionally, it can lead to embarrassment about penis size. However, it is important to note that many who feel they have a small penis actually have a normal-sized penis. This information can provide some comfort and a boost to confidence. For those suffering from varying conditions or who are just unhappy with their penis size, there are still options.

Penis enlargement can refer to several different things, depending on the individual’s preferences. An individual may wish their penis was longer or had more girth. There are some instances when patients want to achieve both length and girth. There are many penis enlargement techniques advertised on the market today. However, some actually cause more harm than good. From exercises to pills and lotions, there is no limit to the misinformation surrounding the topic.

What Is the Average Penis Size?

Penis size can vary drastically. Size can vary as a result of several different reasons. When considering penis enlargement, it is important to understand normal penis lengths. What many men think is small actually falls within the normal range. Often, size, when the penis is flaccid, has little relation to when it is erect. In fact, stretched length, which is when the penis is pulled to elongate the tissue and the skin, is a better predictor of penile erect length.

The average length of a flaccid penis is approximately 3.5 inches. When flaccid penises are stretched, the average measurement is 5.2 inches. When flaccid, the average penis girth is 3.7 inches. When erect, studies have shown that penis lengths range from around 4.7 to 6.3 inches. The average of these lengths falls around 5.1 inches. The girth of an erect penis is about 4.8 inches.

How Do I Measure My Penis?

If you want to find out if your penis falls within the average range, you can measure your penis at home. However, a professional may be able to get a more accurate reading. You should measure with a soft measuring tape, commonly used to measure fabrics. Start your measurement from your pubic bone or the top of your penis. End your measurement at the tip of your penis. Press down on any fat that sits over the pubic bone, as this will affect your measurement. In order to measure girth, you need to measure around the penis at the base by your pubic bone or in the middle of your shaft.

Does Size Matter?

There are many men who are concerned about their penis size, for varying reasons. They may feel their penis is smaller than average, not as long as they would like, or that it hinders their sexual performance. This can create shame around penis size and/or cause them to avoid sexual encounters due to penis size.

If someone suffers because of their perception of their penis size, it is clear that penis size matters to them. Surgeons understand these concerns and can discuss options with you, free of judgment. Penis size and perceptions can cause serious emotional distress and affect self-confidence. This can lead to anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction, among other issues. Even if the penis size is average, an individual may not perceive it that way. Your surgeon can inform you of all possible options.

When it comes to sexual performance, size is often relative and up for debate. For the majority of women, studies show that personal preference is the determining factor for ideal penis size. Some studies show that women gravitate towards larger plastic penis models. This inclination may result from evolutionary traits that lead women to seek men who produce the best offspring. However, studies see a shift in answers when women are in a relationship with someone.


Who Is a Candidate for Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Those who are unhappy with their penis size should discuss options with a professional surgeon. Male enhancement surgery may be an option. There are many reasons someone may consider penis enlargement surgery. Several conditions can affect penis size and may make someone a candidate for the procedure. Some patients experience buried penis syndrome, penis curvature, or penis asymmetry. Speaking with a professional surgeon can provide a more comprehensive list of conditions caused by penis size and treatment options.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Right for Me?

There are many reasons someone may consider penis enlargement techniques. Whether an individual is a candidate for penis enlargement surgery is ultimately determined by their surgeon. Individuals seeking treatment have an extensive initial consultation—and potentially follow-up appointments—to discuss a variety of subjects.

Medical History

A person may experience a medical condition that prompts them to seek the medical advice of a professional surgeon. Depending on the specific condition, penis enlargement techniques may not be the best option. Your surgeon can make a recommendation to help you achieve your desired results. Your surgeon can perform a physical examination to determine if there are any health issues that might interfere with the treatment option. There may be different factors that influence whether you are a good candidate, including past treatments.


During your initial consultation, your surgeon can discuss your expectations for the procedure. Expectations that do not fall in line with potential results will be addressed. Your surgeon will want to make sure you are aware of the potential results from the procedure. Managing expectations is an important part of deciding whether a treatment will help you achieve your desired results. It is also important to discuss your overall goals during this time. Maybe you wish to have a longer and thicker penis. This should be discussed with your surgeon. Penis enlargement surgery may not be the right option for you and your needs, so it is important to keep an open mind when meeting with your surgeon.

Reasons for the Treatment

One of the first things your surgeon should ask you is why you are considering the procedure. Your surgeon is not there to place judgment on you, but to use your answer to get a clearer understanding of why you are seeking treatment. There may be underlying conditions at play that affect your penis size, or issues that require different treatment options. Discuss how much distress, discomfort, or insecurity your penis causes you. Again, the surgeon is not there to judge you but to understand how much this issue affects you. Being open and honest with your surgeon is essential. Their main goal is getting to the root cause and identifying the issues.

penis Enlargement Techniques - implant

The Himplant

The Himplant is one of the top choices when it comes to penis enlargement techniques. It is the first FDA-cleared implant for penile enhancement. The innovative technology behind the Himplant was developed and tested by urologists and scientists to create a superior product for male enhancement. The Himplant is made from silicone, which means that it feels, and looks, natural.

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The Himplant Procedure

Once you and your surgeon go through an extensive evaluation and determine that the Himplant is right for you, your surgeon will discuss the procedure process with you. While individual results may vary, your surgeon can answer any questions or concerns you may have before the procedure begins and discuss possible results. Patients should be prepared to follow instructions given by the surgeon both before and after the procedure. The procedure is a relatively smooth and effective procedure. As with any outpatient procedure, there are some risks involved. Your cosmetic surgeon can make you aware of possible risks before surgery.

The procedure takes place in an outpatient facility and is performed under anesthesia. The Himplant is custom-designed to fit you and your unique shape. A small incision is made by the base of the penis and the implant is inserted. The incision is not made to the penis itself and therefore no stitches are on the penis. The implant is then situated to fit along the shaft of the penis. 

Who Is Not a Fit for the Himplant?

Several factors affect a person’s candidacy. Certain situations determine whether a person is a good fit for the procedure. A professional surgeon can discuss possible issues with you. Those who have had fat injections, suspensory ligament division, or PMMA injections may not be recommended for the procedure. Your surgeon can provide a more comprehensive list.

Your surgeon may not recommend the Himplant if you have undergone fat or PMMA injections because these methods are ineffective and dangerous. Many complications surface due to these procedures and further research should be conducted before continuing with these procedures. These procedures can also impact the Himplant due to damage that has been inflicted onto the skin. This damaged skin from prior dangerous procedures could be permanent and lead to the Himplant not being a viable option for a patient.

Choose a Dedicated Professional

Those suffering from penile conditions or unhappy with their penis may experience feelings of embarrassment or shame. These conditions and feelings can affect your daily everyday life and may even affect sexual performance. Speaking with a professional surgeon can help identify the root cause of the issue and get you back to feeling like your confident self. A professional surgeon can provide a high-quality evaluation and assess your needs, helping you achieve your desired results.

Find a surgeon you can trust. Meet with your desired surgeon and take note of how they, and those working in their office, treat you. You should feel open discussing goals and expectations with your surgeon prior to scheduling enhancement surgery.

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