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Taking Care of your Penis

May 4th, 2018

Taking Care of your Penis

Basic Guide to Taking Care of your Penis 

Maintaining a healthy and functioning penis is important throughout your entire life. We tend to assume our sexual organs will always perform the way they want to, but without the appropriate care, the penis can lackluster in the performance department. There are a few simple guidelines to follow that can help improve overall the penis’ overall function and your sexual health.

Watch your Weight

Make sure you maintain a healthy diet. Not paying attention to weight gain can be unhealthy for your penis. Obesity lowers the levels of testosterone and creates fatty plaque deposits. Plaque can clog the penis arteries, leading to futile erections. Keeping a natural and healthy diet can help prevent the form of this detrimental plaque.

Reduce Alcohol/Tobacco Intake

Alcohol has a negative effect on your penile health. Drinking large quantities of alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction. Tobacco is also a risk factor. Tobacco does almost everything to block blood flowing to the penis. It decreases the flow of oxygen throughout the whole body and narrows blood vessels which impairs circulation.

Sleep More/Reduce Stress

Sleep has a vital role in our overall health success. Sleep allows all of our organs to restore and is also required for us to function effectively. Sleep deprivation is compromising to all of organs: including the penis.
Stress releases the two hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Adrenaline tapers blood vessels, which negatively affect erections. This is linked to performance anxiety: the more stressed and nervous you are the harder it is to maintain an erection. Cortisol influences your appetite, making you more hungry and more likely to develop belly fat.


Exercise has numerous short and long term benefits. Not only does it reduce the risk of major health problems in the future: stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes but it helps us everyday with fatigue, mood, and energy.
Exercise has an extraordinary effect on sexual function. Not only does it allow your muscles to utilize oxygen, but makes your blood vessels more elastic. In addition, if you exercise the areas that you use most during sex: the hips, core, and pelvic muscles your performance will improve.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Stimulating, stretching, and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will not only help with your stamina but improve erections and ejaculation. The pelvic floor is the foundation to your penile function- activating vertical and rigid erections. The pelvic floor acts as the motivator from erect to “rock hard” and also the motor for ejaculation.

Stay Sexually Active/Maintain Sexual Health

Staying sexually active can not only be a good workout, but gives puts your penis to good use. Many studies have proven that men who are sexually active are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In addition, practicing safe sex is paramount to protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Protect your penis by using condoms and getting frequent screenings.

Being Proactive

It is essential to be proactive about your health. Sometimes we forget about the penis, but it is a vital organ that can help us gain pleasure. If you have health concerns about your penis or feel dissatisfied with your sexual function, enlisting a doctor who specializes in men’s sexual health can be gratifying. Dr. Elist is a leading doctor in Los Angeles with the tools, team, and pedigree that can help you overcome your problems.

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