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Suspensory Ligament Release for Penile Lengthening

May 22nd, 2015

Suspensory Ligament Release for Penile Lengthening

Suspensory Ligament Release for Penile Lengthening

Suspensory ligament connects the base of penis to the pubic bone to keep it from moving further outside the pubic area. The suspensory ligament serves a crucially important anchoring role in the male anatomy, especially when the penis is erect.
Some surgeons may discuss releasing the suspensory ligament as an option for penile enhancement. Unfortunately, this approach is unsafe and is discouraged by organizations such as the American Urological Association.

Unsafe Penile Enlargement Procedure

Flaccid and Erect Penis Sizes Image
The release of the suspensory ligament can cause additional scar tissue formation, which can actually cause the penis to retract. In addition to this, it can cause the angle of the erect penis to “wobble” and feel unstable. It is our belief that the risks far outweigh the benefits of this approach to penile lengthening.

Suspensory Ligament Release Procedure

Reasons For Penile Enhancement
It is our opinion that penile lengthening surgery is best pursued through the insertion of a subcutaneous silicone implant. This procedure allows for an increase in the appearance of the penile length through the weight of the implant. After thousands of successful cases with patients from around the world, we encourage potential patients to learn more about the subcutaneous silicone implant penile lengthening surgery.

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