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Sperm Cells Health – What To Know?

October 31st, 2017

Sperm Cells Health – What To Know?

What should you know about the health of sperm cells?

The quality of sperm sample once ejaculated, depends on a number of factors. It is imperative to keep in mind that sperm cells cannot exist outside of the human body for much longer after ejaculation. In fact, the quality and functionality of sperms abruptly decline as soon as they come in contact with air.

The lifespan of sperm cells inside the body of a female:

Once ejaculated, a sperm can survive inside the reproductive tract of a female of a period of up to 5 days. As part of the sexual activity, sperms are deposited in the vaginal cavity, from where sperms ascent to cervical canal and into the uterus in order to reach the fallopian tubes and the female egg. It is a difficult and long journey and only a few sperm cells survive at the end of this transit.
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The lifespan of sperm cells in a hot tub:

On its own, a sperm cell is not capable of withstanding the environment for more than a few seconds. The lifespan decreases even more abruptly if sperm cells come in contact with the chemicals and/ or steam, hot water. But if the water is lukewarm, the sperms can possibly survive in the non-biological environment for a few minutes. In either case, it is highly unlikely for a woman to get pregnant by just bathing in the same hot tub as her male partner.

The lifespan sperm if frozen soon after ejaculation:

A healthy semen sample can be preserved for an indefinite period of time once frozen while complying with all the protocols; this is mainly because freezing suspends the metabolic and biological functions. Once the normal temperature is restored in a controlled environment, the sperm cells are capable of impregnating the women via specialized techniques.


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