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Sign And Symptoms Of Gonorrhea In Men

July 17th, 2017

Sign And Symptoms Of Gonorrhea In Men

Sign And Symptoms Of Gonorrhea In Men

Gonorrhea is a common STI (sexually transmitted infections) that affects both men and women. Active infection may present with varying severity of symptoms depending upon the site of infection. The symptoms usually begin to appear within 4 weeks of the exposure to the infectious agent. However, it is imperative to mention that about 10% of the infected men experiences no symptoms.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea In Men

Engaging in oral or vaginal sex with an infected partner may lead to the spread of infection to a healthy contact. Initial symptoms are:

  • Burning sensation or feeling of pain while urinating
  • Penile discomfort
  • Penile discharge, thick in consistency and green or yellow in color

It is important to consult a doctor if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. Avoiding sex until the condition is completely treated is necessary. Symptoms of gonorrhea may mimic other STIs.

Untreated gonorrhea may lead to severe consequences such as spread of infection to the nearby glands, bladder, testicles, seminal vesicles and prostate. This can cause:

  • Difficulty in urination
  • Painful swelling of testiclesSTD Prevention – What Should You Know About It? Image
  • Urethral or rectal abscess

Gonorrhea spread to healthy contacts via oral or anal sex. Rectal gonorrhea may cause following symptoms:

  • Discharge from the anus
  • Itchiness and soreness in the area surrounding the anus
  • Excruciating pain in the rectum particularly while passing stool

Rectal gonorrhea requires immediate medical assistance because if it is not diagnosed and treated at the right time it may cause serious symptoms and problems.

Having oral sex with an infected man can also result in the spread of infection. Such infection comes with the symptoms like inflamed sore throat.

Oral gonorrhea can be further passed on to healthy individuals not only by having oral sex but also by kissing.

Symptoms In Women

In women, the symptoms appear long after the initial exposure to the infection, unlike men. Most of the times, symptoms are not even present in women. However rarely following symptoms may appear:

  • Swollen glands around the entrance of vagina
  • Anal discharge
  • Irritation in the area around the anus
  • Vaginal discharge that is watery, thin, green or yellow in color with a strong foul odor

If you are experiencing abnormal symptoms that are suggestive of the infection, it is highly recommended to politely ask your partner if they have an active STI. This can help prevent the transference of infection while having penetrative anal, vaginal or oral sex. The best way to prevent STIs is by practicing safe sex. Condoms can provide strong protection against infections transmitted sexually. Passing along the infection to a female sex partner can consequently lead to sterility issues. If the female partner becomes pregnant then there is an increased likelihood of developing an ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant women having gonorrhea are at high risk of giving premature birth. Due to gonorrhea, the baby may be born blind with inflamed umbilical cord. As the symptoms of gonorrhea are not very evident in women, it is essential to inform the female sex partner regarding your infection status so she may also get tested for the infection.


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