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Sex Addiction Signs, Symptoms & Withdrawal

November 5th, 2018

Sex Addiction Signs, Symptoms & Withdrawal

There are numerous Sex Addiction Signs and possibilities that can help define sexual addiction. If sex is dominating an individual’s life, participates in habitual masturbation, has multiple sexual partners, lies and cheats, or engages in illegal activities related to sex, there is a chance they have some form of sex addiction.

Emotional and Physical Symptoms
 When it comes to sex addiction, boundaries are blurred and unhealthy patterns are established. This can cause serious and negative emotional symptoms and put strain on relationships. Feelings of abandonment, humiliation, isolation, and emptiness are paramount.

Sex addiction has less physical than emotional symptoms. If someone is compulsively masturbating, physical harm can manifest. In addition, sexual addiction can cause immobilization due to the obsessive quality of needing and wanting sex.
According to USDA, 38% of men and 45% of women who fall under the category of sex addicts have a venereal disease. Pregnancy can also be an effect of sex addiction. One survey found that 70% of women with sex addictions reported an unwanted pregnancy as a result of their addiction. There is a higher risk of sexual dysfunction and contracting sexuallty trasmitted diseases as a result of sex addiction.

Personal relationships and social lives can be negatively impacted by sex addiction. There is a high chance of a decrease of productivity and concentration (especially at work).

 Like all addicts, those who suffer from sex addiction, can experience withdrawal symptoms. Those who seek treatment will usually see a psychologist or social worker. They are able to examine the factors and reasons behind your addiction. They can also help provide ways to help maintain your addiction and cope with behaviors.

Seeking Help
 If you are worried about sex addiction, it is important to consult a sexual health expert. Those with the appropriate information and tools can profoundly help you and change your life. Dr. Elist and his team have decades worth of experience helping men regaining a positive and healthy sex life.

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