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Renal Failure Treatments

January 16th, 2015

Renal Failure Treatments

Renal Failure Treatments

While renal failure is very serious, we do live in an age where it can be treated and managed. Those with chronic kidney disease will find their lifestyle has changed but they can still live a relatively normal lifestyle nonetheless thanks to various treatments. The various treatments for renal failure include:


Renal Failure imageThis is the treatment that removes waste and other fluid from the body. When hemodialysis is done, it removes blood through soft tubes to a machine, where it goes through a filter and is then returned to the bloodstream. Only a small amount of blood can be taken at a time.
One of the nice things about this treatment is that it can be done at home, or in a center. Dialysis centers are located in most hospitals, but if you have enough space in your home and enough water drainage and electrical power, then you can have the dialysis done at home. There are different levels of home dialysis:

  • Conventional home dialysis treatments are done three times per week, lasting three to five hours.
  • Short daily home hemodialysis treatments are performed each week, roughly six, lasting only 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
  • Nocturnal hemodialysis is when you have long, slow treatments that last six to eight hours while you sleep.

Diet for Kidney Stone Prevention ImagePeritoneal Dialysis

This is the treatment in which blood is cleaned inside your body, not outside. The lining of the abdomen acts as a natural filter and a cleansing solution is used through a catheter. The catheter is placed during minor surgery and waste and fluid passes through it. After several hours, you drain the solution and refill it with a new cleansing solution to begin the process again. Many people choose this treatment because they can do it at home and it offers them greater flexibility in their lives.

Kidney Transplant

The most drastic solution is to have a kidney transplant done. This is an operation where a kidney from another person is used in your body. Transplants can come from anyone matching your blood type, or from a close relative or spouse. The operation takes roughly three hours and you need to stay in the hospital for about one week. After the transplant, you need to take special medications so that the body does not reject the transplant.
Depending on the severity of the renal failure, a doctor will decide the best treatment route.

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