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Religion and Sexual Ethics

February 15th, 2018

Religion and Sexual Ethics

Religion and Sexual Ethics

The religions of the world all have different opinions and tolerances of sexual acts and performances. As humankind becomes more accepting, and broadens its’ horizons regarding sexual ethics, religions have adapted their stance on such subjects. The study of religion and ethics in regards to sexuality is paramount because they have historically defined the rights and wrongs of sex: they establish the moral code. This is a profound topic to explore, as these frameworks influence the way people view sex and influence their behaviors.

There can be polarizing views on sex depending on what doctrine or set of ethical morals you follow. For example, sex can be defined as ‘connection to the divine’ or given a very negative connotation, merely a form of reproduction.

Some of the popular topics discussed and debated when it comes to religion/ethics and sexuality are: premarital sex, extramarital sex, divorce, masturbation, abortion, contraceptives, and sexual orientation.

With technology, especially within the reproduction sector, ethics regarding sex have become more complex. This blurs the antiquated norms and rules. As complexities continue, it is important to make decisions based on specific situations. Even if topic you feel strongly about is at the heart of a lively debate, it is important to follow your happiness.

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