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Psychological Effects of a Vasectomy

November 4th, 2014

Psychological Effects of a Vasectomy

Psychological Effects of a Vasectomy

The decision to get a vasectomy can be a major step in a man’s life. For many, it can mark the end of the male’s fertility, which can be met with relief and/or sadness. With the ability to have intercourse without the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, it can give a sense of relief and perhaps encourage a more rigorous sex life. However, there are those that may feel uneasy about the inability to impregnate a woman and attribute that to a decrease in the individual’s masculinity. It is perhaps for that reason that many post-vasectomy patients report low self-esteem.

Vasectomy and Possible Changes of Behavior in Men

Vasectomy SurgeonMen may experience depression, anger, and/or remorse after the procedure. It is also worth noting that over half of all men who elect to do a vasectomy, do so secretly. This may be indicative of a negative stigma associated with vasectomies. Within a certain time frame, a vasectomy can be removable and there are a small percentage of men which do reverse their vasectomies. This is often due to the desire to have more children.

Physical Risks of Vasectomy

It should be noted that despite possible psychological effects, there have been no demonstrated physical health risks such as neurological, cardiovascular or genital, associated with a vasectomy. However, the psychological burden that a vasectomy may cause with some patients can manifest as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence and/or other sexual dysfunctions. On the whole, studies have shown that post-operative satisfaction in regards to sexual satisfaction, sexual behavior and overall general happiness have been positive.
If you or someone you know is considering a vasectomy, have them speak with their significant other and talk about the positive and negative aspects. Although directly affecting only the male, it can affect the couple as a whole if children are later desired. Speak with your doctor to see if a vasectomy is the right decision for you as well as your partner.

Vasectomy Procedure

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