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Penis Shapes – Which One Do You Have?

May 21st, 2020

Penis Shapes – Which One Do You Have?

Penis shapes are as unique as the men they are attached to. Many men think there is a perfect penis type. They obsess over how their penis looks because they ultimately feel like their partners are unsatisfied. In reality, each of the penis shapes below can successfully satisfy your partner. 

If you are still unsatisfied with your penis shape or size after reading this article, you might be a candidate for penis enlargement surgery.

penis shapes

The Different Penis shapes

First let’s look at the actual shape of the penis without considering length and girth.

Curved Downward

Some refer to the curved penis as “the banana” because of its curved nature. A penis curved downward can be helpful for some sex positions.

Curved Upward

Some penises have an upward curve when erect. The upward curve is actually useful when it comes to helping your female partner orgasm since it can stimulate the g-spot. Men with this penis shape can perform well in the missionary position.

Curved Sideways

The third possible curved penis is a sideways curve. It is referred to as “the C-shape” when it curves to the right. 

Sex experts recommend the “T-bone” position to men with this penis shape. A man lays on his side, curves towards the ceiling, and the partner lays on his/her back and wraps his/her leg around the man’s hips.


A straight penis is a uniform in size from shaft to head, which is why some call it “the cucumber”. Men with this penis shape don’t necessarily rely on a certain entrance angle to give their partner pleasure.

Bigger Shaft, Smaller Head

This penis type gets thinner as you go from shaft to head. It is called “the rocket popsicle” by some for its shape. This shape is beneficial since girth, and therefore the likelihood of pleasure for your partner, may increase.

Smaller Shaft, Bigger Head

Sometimes called “the hammer” or “the mushroom”, this penis shape gets wider from shaft to head. Both parties can experience great pleasure from shallow penetration.

Factoring Penis Size into Penis Shape

Each of the penis shapes mentioned above can come in any of the sizes listed below. Some men think penis size is determined by race, but no scientific study has found definitive proof of this myth.

Smaller-Than-Average Length and Girth

Called “the gherkin”, this penis type is both shorter and thinner than average. Sex experts claim doggy style is the best position for men with smaller penises.

Men with this penis type are more prone to feel inadequate about their manhood. They often think they have a micropenis, but men with true micropenis are rare. Micropenises are under 3 inches when erect. Check out this page to learn more about micropenises.

Average Length and Girth

According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology, the average erect penis length is 5.16 inches and the average erect penis girth is 4.59 inches. 

If your measurements fall close to these numbers, you have an average penis. There is no particular sex position more advantageous than the other for this penis shape.

Larger-Than-Average Length and Girth

The same study considers a large penis to be 2 standard deviations from the mean, which comes to 6.56 inches in length and 5.99 inches in girth.

This is the penis type most often seen in porn. Men who watch a lot of porn tend to be the ones with an unrealistic perception of the average penis size.

While “the salami” penis type is often great for pleasuring your partner, you do have to take it slower than men with average or small penises.

Shorter-Than-Average Length and Thick Girth

Women often say in sex surveys that girth matters more than length. This penis shape, called “the kielbasa”, stimulates your partner best through doggy-inspired positions.

Longer-Than-Average Length and Thin Girth

While this penis size is often called “the pencil”, its girth isn’t actually that thin. Your partner will experience the most pleasure from positions where their legs are held together.

penis shapes

Additional Factors That Describe Penis Appearance

Finally, there are four more mostly-aesthetic factors used to describe a penis.


A circumcised penis does not have a natural foreskin. Circumcision in America is fairly common at birth – about 70% of men are circumcised. For women, the primary difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penises is just aesthetic preference.

For men, there may be health benefits to being circumcised. Having no foreskin reduces the risk of contracting many sexually transmitted diseases. It also reduces the risk of penile cancer.


The remaining 30% of American men have an uncircumcised penis. Their foreskin is intact and needs to be pulled back for intercourse.

Uncircumcised men require adult circumcision if they want to pursue penis enlargement surgery.


Only 21% of men have a “shower” penis, which means their penis size remains relatively constant whether flaccid or erect.


The other 79% of men have a “grower” penis, which means their penis is significantly smaller when flaccid than erect.

A Final Word on Penis Shapes and Sizes

Many men create unnecessary stress for themselves by worrying about their penis shape and size.

The point of this article is to show how many size and shape combinations there are.

There are only two instances where the shape or size of your penis could require medical intervention. Both are extremely rare. 

The first is Peyronie’s disease, which is caused by scar tissue, known as plaque, building up in the penis, which may lead to significant penile curvature, pain, or difficulty having sex. 

The second is micropenis. A true micropenis is rare. Oftentimes, it’s actually a buried penis, which can be treated by surgically removing fat from the suprapubic area and potentially inserting the Himplant.

If you are still unsatisfied with your penile length or girth, you might consider penis enlargement surgery. Dr. Elist can help increase penis size with the Penuma penile implant. This FDA-cleared silicone implant has helped thousands of men feel comfortable with their penis size for the first time in their lives.

If you have more questions about penis shapes or sizes, please contact your physician. Remember, any medical information discussed in this article is not a substitute for speaking with a medical professional. Please talk to your physician before considering any information mentioned here.

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