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Penis Problems and Age

May 16th, 2018

Penis Problems and Age

Penis Problems and Age

With age and experience, it is normal for the penis to develop curvature. Repeated trauma from sex or exercise can increase scar tissue forming along the inner tubes of the penis. Scar tissue does not build up symmetrically, causing your penis to curve. Scar tissue can also affect the function, length, and girth of the penis. An excess of scar tissue can lead to a condition called Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease affects 1 in 20 men and can induce erectile dysfunction. Meaning the relationship between penis problems and age are true.


Many circulatory problems begin when you age. Atherosclerosis, a common problem of aging, restricts your blood flow. Essentially, blood becomes more difficult to pump throughout the body. When limited blood is pumped to the shaft, the color of the penis becomes paler. This discoloring effect is common with most men, but is a sign of an aging body.

Testicle Size

Shrinkage of the testicles progressively happens over time. As testosterone levels fall, sperm production declines and testicle size shrinks. Like the skin, cells loose elastic fibers that hold your testicle sack up. Scrotoplasty and testicular implants can help fix the “droop” you experience with age.
Urinary Problems
Urinary problems are associated with prostate health. 90% of men by the time they are in their 70s have problems urinating.
Penis Function
Erectile dysfunction (ED) plays a role in a majority of men’s lives. By the age of 40, almost 50% of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction. As the decades pass, the statistics rise. Studies show that the percentage of men who experience ED raises 10% with each decade. In short, blood loss is the reason 30 million men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. With age, nerves get less sensitive, the ability to orgasm becomes difficult, and maintain erections becomes futile.
Combat Age
With aging, you become less sexuallty active. Without sexual activity, your penis is neglected and cannot perform properly. In addition to the decline of testosterone, the quality of your erections can significantly drop. Solutions such as penile implants can help improve your sexual performance at any age.
Dr. Elist is a pioneer when it comes to penile and testicular implants. Penile implants can give men a natural erection with the need to take pills. Testicular implants can help with the droop of skin and sagging of the scrotum. As a leading urologist, specializing in male sexual dysfunction, Dr. Elist’s patented technologies help thousands of men inspire their desire and positive sexual function.

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