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Can I Protect Myself If My Partner Has HIV?

June 18th, 2018

Can I Protect Myself If My Partner Has HIV?

Can I Protect Myself If My Partner Has HIV?

Not so long ago, there was not much information or resources available for people whos patner has HIV positive results.

  • A lot of HIV positive individuals were relying on serosorting i.e. looking for sexual partners who share their HIV status to avoid transmitting their infection to a healthy contact.
  • HIV positive folks who were in a relationship with HIV negative individuals were living in the fear of getting their healthy partner infected.
  • Likewise, a lot of HIV negative individuals were relying on the information shared by their sexual partner regarding their HIV status.

Fortunately, with latest advancements in science, now HIV positive individuals don’t need serotyping. Scientists have developed the drug that could prevent the transmission of HIV virus among couple with different HIV statues.

Prophylaxis Prior To Viral Exposure:

Renowned HIV researcher from New York University, School of Medicine Dr. Richard Greene explained in his latest paper that Preexposure Prophylaxis (abbreviated as PrEP) is a drug that should be taken by people with negative HIV status who are in relationship with HIV positive individuals or are at risk of contracting this virus due to their lifestyle. PrEP contains two antiviral drugs that reduces the risk of contracting HIV by about 92%. If you use physical barrier methods like condoms, the risk can be reduced to up to 100%.
It is noteworthy that PrEP offers no protection against other sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis or others.  Physical barrier methods are the most preferred protection methods to minimize the risk of contracting these infections.

Anti-Retroviral Therapy:

After the discovery of Anti-Retroviral therapy, this class of drug has been known as the best therapy at slowing down the progression of HIV virus to deadly AIDS. Besides improving the quality of life and overall wellness in HIV positive individuals, this class of drugs is also helpful at reducing the HIV positive individuals less likely to transfer the infection to healthy contacts.
CDC has especially emphasized on the U=U campaign, which suggests that individuals who have an undetectable viral load in their bodies are unlikely to transmit the infection to healthy contacts during sexual intercourse. In the last 10 years, scientists conducted 3 longitudinal studies to study the relationship between HIV viral load in HIV positive individuals on ART and risk of viral transmission to healthy HIV negative sexual contacts. Scientists found statistical evidence that undetectable viral load in the serum eliminates the risk of viral transmission. However, it is noteworthy that:

  • HIV positive individuals must be on ART and must test negative for viral load in the serum for a period of 6 months before engaging in sexual relations with a HIV negative partner
  • These individuals should continue to get their serial viral load assessments at 3-month intervals via simple blood test.

Couples can maintain a healthy sexual relationship even if one partner contracts HIV infection, by properly and consistently employing optimal therapeutic and protective measures to minimize the risk of transmitting the disease to your healthy contact. If you or your partner are seriously considering Penis Enlargement Surgery, contact Dr. Elist to learn more about his renowned procedure.

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