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New Year Resolution: Sexercise

January 10th, 2014

New Year Resolution: Sexercise

New Year Resolution: Sexercise

Hey folks, Friday’s here again…getting ready to hit the bars and clubs…getting dressed and…Hold on! Seems like as if the Christmas holidays and New Year’s celebrations have left over some extra pounds making it hard to get into those tight jeans… Panic or Not Panic? No worries, you most likely have already made up your new year’s resolution:
Surveys show that healthier living and weight loss count to the most frequently set new year’s resolutions; research also shows that most of us indeed start to exercise and change dietary habits until the stress of daily living hits the clock and we fall back into the old life style…

No Tough New Year Resolution!

SexerciseThe easiest way of staying healthy and exercise more seems to be a workout program that would combine both exercise and fun. So how about sexercising
The idea behind sexercising is combining pleasure with exercising, as research shows that having pleasure can help you stay healthy.  While moderate exercising used to be the gold standard of weight loss regimen, more intense and short time burst training has been taking over the trend. 

Sexercise by Science:

The journal PLOS ONE just recently published a study conducted by scientists from the University of Quebec in Canada have found that sexual activities can be significantly effective in burning calories when compared to moderate intensity exercises. 21 couples aged between 18 and 35 participated in the study and were asked to have sex once a week for 30 days. No specific position or timing was determined, just natural style sexual activity without taking any drug and alcohol or medication for erectile dysfunction. The study found that sexual activity in average burned 3.1 (women) to 4.2 (men) calories per minute which equals an energy consumption of nearly 85 kCal or 3.6 kCal/min.
Compared to other kind of exercises, like jogging, the amount of calories burned during sex tops many routines: Men burn 120 calories during half an hour of sex and women use up to 90, say the researchers from the University of Quebec in Canada. This is just half the amount they would burn in a 30-minute jog.
Now, which way of exercising would you prefer? Running and sweating on a treadmill or sexercising?
Show passion, have fun, enjoy, and lose calories…next week the jeans should be fitting well again.

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