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Marriage Benefits For Men

June 13th, 2018

Marriage Benefits For Men

Marriage Benefits For Men

A new study conducted by the University College London, London School of Hygiene and the London School of Economics have found that unmarried men are unhealthier than single females. The study found that women do not receive any health benefits from marriage, whereas men are more likely to receive negative ones. Yet, this does not mean there’s no marriage benefits for men.
Both middle-aged women who are unmarried and middle-aged women who are married have the same chance of developing metabolic syndromes, including high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. However, a study conducted in the UK on more than 10,000 people found that single men (compared to unmarried women) had significantly worse breathing problems. In addition, heart problems were up 14% for unmarried men but were unnoticeable in single women.
A recent study by Harvard found a correlation between marriage and life-span. The research suggests that men who are married and stay married are likely to have better overall health and live up to 10 years longer than single men. The Harvard study then found that even men with life-threatening illnesses (such as cancer) tend to live longer if they are attached.

More and Better Sex

Men who are married tend to have better sex according to a National Health and Social Life Survey. The survey found that 51% of married men stated that their sex lives were both sexually and emotionally satisfying. This was compared to 39% of men who were cohabitors and 36% of men who were single. This same survey found that only 37% of single men (20-40 years of age) have sex multiple times a week. In addition, married men find sex with their partners more pleasurable. This can be because of the investment of marriage, the emotional and physical understanding, and overall security of being married.

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