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Male Testicle Size | Treatment of Below Average Testicle Size

March 7th, 2014

Male Testicle Size | Treatment of Below Average Testicle Size

Male Testicle Size, Treatment of Below Average Testicle Size  (Part 2)

ّFollowing our previous discussion about size of testicle, Lets back to male testicle size measuring method.

Tanner Stages Chart for Measuring Male Testicle Size

Dr. James Tanner, a British pediatrician, has established a reference system for measuring male testicle size called the Tanner stages which provide a beautiful reference chart for following the different stages of body development from infancy to adulthood. For testicle development, the tanner stage of development contains a chart of testicle sizes that is designed to show what the average testicle sizes are for different stages of life showing the volume (ml) it can hold.

The tanner stages of measuring male testicle size are:Testicle Size Image

  • Childhood – 1 to 3 ml
  • Early Puberty – 4 to 6 ml
  • Mid Puberty – 8 to 10 ml
  • Late Puberty – 14 to 16 ml
  • Adulthood – 18 to 25 ml

The tanner staging is a pretty good reference in order to determine testicle developmental stage as well as “average” testicle size for a certain age.

Below Average Male Testicle Size

Now let’s say that you have measured or your doctor has determined your testicle size to be smaller than average or shrunken when compared to your younger years. What are your options if the aesthetic is bothersome to you?

Many surgeons worldwide perform testicle replacement surgeries using testicle prosthesis. Also, some use the same prostheses in order to increase/improve the scrotal size. The downside of such a surgery is that the patient will usually end up with an enlarged scrotum but also with 3 or 4 testicles instead of two larger ones.

Best Treatment Option for Male Testicle Size Below Average

The best option for male testicle size below average is called ProLibraDeveloped, patented, and continuously improved by Dr. James Elist, MD, FACS, these unique cup-shaped, ultra soft silicone implants are the only real option for testicle enhancement. With their ¾ oval egg-shaped designs, Dr. Elist’s ProLibra implants wrap around the testicle, increasing their size without affecting the testicle function. And the best of all: immediately after surgery you will appreciate your new male testicle size and will still have the same number of testicles as before surgery; 2 instead of 3 or 4.

Dr. Elist, a urologist and a specialist in male sexual enhancement, uses the ProLibra testicle implants for testicle enlargement if the testicles have a below than average size, have shrunken over the years due to age, medication or other reasons, or if a patient has one or both sided testicle prostheses (inserted for replacement of missing/removed testicles) and desires a size adjustment/enlargement of the existing prosthetics.

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