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Male Orgasmic Disorder

December 16th, 2016

Male Orgasmic Disorder

Male Orgasmic Disorder

Sexual dysfunction is often an embarrassing situation for most men as well as women. However, it is important to understand that most sexual disorders are transient, temporary and treatable. If you are suffering from a certain type of sexual disorder, the first step in the management process is to do a little research in order to learn more about the condition.

Male sexual disorders are classified into 4 major categories; one of which is orgasmic disorders.

What Is Male Orgasmic Disorder?

An inability to achieve orgasms or delay in achieving gratifying orgasms after a strong sexual stimulus is known as male orgasmic disorder. A lot of men finds it hard to distinguish between orgasms and ejaculations (which are two different biochemical and physiological phenomena and may not represent the same thing.

Ejaculation is a physical phenomenon where semen is released from the penis at the end of a sexual encounter; while, orgasm is an uncontrollable (involuntary) activity in which muscles around the genitalia undergoes rhythmic contractions in response to strong sexual stimulus. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that a strong orgasm is followed by semen ejaculation.

What Are Some Classic Symptoms Of Male Orgasmic Disorder?

Male Orgasm ImageSome men face difficulties in achieving orgasms during sexual activity. The symptoms of orgasmic disorder can be similar but the causes may differ from man to man. To treat the problem completely, there are different facets to take care of. For most men, this situation is embarrassing, due to which they are often hesitant to see a doctor thus, making the condition worse.

The strongest symptom is late or no orgasm at all regardless of how strong the sexual stimulus is. The inability to achieve orgasm may present with secondary symptoms; such as:

  • Emotional trauma as the affected men loses their self -esteem and become anxious before or during the intercourse. This ultimately affects their relationship.
  • Loss of interest in engaging in sexual intercourse.

What Are Primary Causes Of Male Orgasmic Disorder?

Male orgasmic disorder may occur due to physical or psychological issues. In some men, it happens because of both. One of the most common physical etiology is an injury or damage to the blood vessels located in the genital area. Likewise, the psychological factors include, a sexual strain in adults or childhood sex abuse leading to traumatic sexual memories. In most cases, this translates into orgasmic disorders.

How To Manage Or Treat Male Orgasmic Disorder?

Do not ignore the symptoms of male orgasmic disorder because if not treated in time, all sexual disorders can lead to depression and other psychological issues. As discussed earlier, men feel awkward to talk face to face about their “manhood” problems. To solve this issue, many websites provide online psychotherapies where a person gets counseling and medical help from professionals. Besides, there are several other platforms that offer help and assistance to affected men and their life partners without the need of walking into doctor’s office. Besides counseling and psychological help, your healthcare professionals can also suggest medical and hormonal treatments to address the symptoms.


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