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Hot Flashes or Flashes in Men

October 30th, 2014

Hot Flashes or Flashes in Men

Hot Flashes or Flashes in Men

Flushing or hot flushes are synonymous words for the episodes of sensation of increased warmth usually in the upper body and face. Technically hot flushes is the correct term, but hot flashes seems to be commonly used.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashing occurs with a reddening of the skin and often with sweating. The episodes may last anywhere from seconds to many minutes, but usually last only two or three minutes. Most of the time the episodes occur without cause, but in some men can be triggered by changes in position, ingestion of hot fluids or changes in outside temperature. Hot flashes occur in two-thirds of the men who receive drugs which inhibit the production of male hormone, and at least 50% of the men who have undergone removal of the testicles.
In many patients the incidence of hot flushes decrease over time, but unfortunately in some other patients the flushing continues unabated for years.

Hot Flash Treatment

Hormonal Imbalances In Men ImageFEMALE HORMONES:
One of the most common treatments historically for hot flashes is to use a female hormone, usually diethylstilbestrol or ‘Stilbestrol’. Given in low doses (even as low as 0.25 mg/day) this is at least 70% effective in treating hot flashes. Unfortunately, the female hormone causes breast swelling or tenderness in almost all patients. More importantly the use of stilbestrol may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Many of the reports do suggest at low doses these significant side effects do not occur and may be prevented possibly by the use of aspirin or other blood thinners. In patients who are at high risk for heart attack or stroke, the use of stilbestrol must be questioned, but it is probably the simplest and least expensive way of treating the problem.
If breast enlargement and tenderness is a concern, the patient can undergo radiation treatments for three days to the breast area prior to treatment, which usually helps significantly in preventing symptoms or changes.
Another drug called megestrol acetate (Megace) is almost as effective. Using 20 mg tablets twice a day, as many as 70% of men will have relief of their hot flashes. The megestrol acetate has a very simlar response rate to stilbestrol and was associated also with very few side effects. In the some woman using large doses of megestrol acetate retention of water was seen with edema of the legs. This has not been seen usually in the doses used in men being treated for hot flashes. Unfortunately, the drug is significantly more expensive and may cause weight gain from fluid retention.

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