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High Cholesterol and Penile Dysfunction

March 22nd, 2018

High Cholesterol and Penile Dysfunction

High Cholesterol and Penile Dysfunction

High Cholesterol and Penile Dysfunction- Penile dysfunction is most commonly caused by a narrowing of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). When a man has high cholesterol, there is a steady build up of cholesterol in the arteries that causes atherosclerosis. The impairment of blood flow caused by atherosclerosis can result in poor erection quality.

High Cholesterol & Erection Problems

The blockages created by the thick, fat-like substance that makes up cholesterol is harmful to the entire body.  It not only creates inadequate circulation throughout the bloodstream, but prevents the body’s ability to release nitric oxide. We often hear concerns about atherosclerosis affecting the coronary arteries, but it affects all artery systems including the ones that lead to the genitals.
Both circulation and nitric oxide are paramount in helping one maintain healthy penile function. When arterial plaque builds, the penis does not receive sufficient blood flow, which causing erectile problems. The higher your cholesterol, the more erection problems you may have. High cholesterol thwarts nitric oxide production. Without nitric oxide, penile tissues can’t relax and engorgement fails.

What are the Side Effects of High Cholesterol in Men?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest signs of the damaging effects of high cholesterol. Studies have shown a strong connection between the two. It decreases your ability to perform sexually, but also lowers your libido. High cholesterol does in fact affect testosterone. Testosterone is of chief importance when it comes to a man’s sex drive. If the testicles are unable to produce testosterone due to a lack of blood flow, the hormone will not help egnite sexual stimulation.
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There are several medications that can help reduce cholesterol. Millions of men also take medication to help with erectile dysfunction. Many doctors suggest a change in diet and exercise to help reduce cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, not all treatment options work and meager sexual performance can only be fixed through surgery. Dr. Elist is a leading surgeon that specializes in penile enhancement surgery. His renowned penile implant can increase penis size as well as increases in self esteem and confidence that is often associated with erectile dysfunction.

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