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Female Hormones Messes Up with Men’s Sexuality, Prolactin Effects..

November 22nd, 2013

Female Hormones Messes Up with Men’s Sexuality, Prolactin Effects..

Female Hormones Messes Up with Men’s Sexuality

Most men with a steady partner are aware of that one special period in the month were the ladies are specially better left alone and cared for. Blame it on the hormones, or the over all sensitivity, or how ever you would like to name it; fact is, during the monthly period time the swinging level of female hormones cause our ladies to be more sensitive, less approachable, and “not having the nerves” to talk and walk. Same situation is present during pregnancy when the female hormones levels start to change and the ladies go trough different emotional and mood phases. Pretty messed up, right?
So these female hormone level changes in the female body can pretty much put your sexual life on a hold; if she does not feel like having sex, she just doesn’t, and period. The female hormones in her body will send you to have a beer with the guys and watch a game more often than you may wish for. Blame it on the female hormones….so easy, right? Well, not exactly.

Men’s Female Hormones!

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