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Dr. Elist Reviews Alzheimer’s & Weekly Blog Topics

August 22nd, 2014

Dr. Elist Reviews Alzheimer’s & Weekly Blog Topics

Dr. Elist Reviews Alzheimer’s & Weekly Blog Topics

In this week’s blog review, Dr. Elist reviews and recaps the highlighted points from the topics covered throughout the week. This week, Dr. Elist visited the topics of dementia & sexual misbehavior (Dementia & Sexual Misbehavior) as well as Alzheimer’s disease and sexuality. He also touched on the topic of how certain organic food (Organic Foods & Alzheimer’s) can play a beneficial role in Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Elist Reviews Dementia & Sexual Misbehavior

Dr. Elist reviews dementia & sexual misbehavior, essentially a group of symptoms that are characterized by memory loss and difficulty thinking, there are a number of underlying diseases that can cause or contribute to dementia. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson’s Disease Wiki Page) are amongst the more notable ones, however vascular dementia is also a common cause. Whatever the underlying cause may be, the effects which dementia poses on sexual behaviors as well as misbehavior’s is well documented. As the control center of our emotions, once there is damage done to the brain, our emotions (sexual included) can diminish, increase or change. This, in turn, can cause significant strain on the partner. In dealing with dementia, there are many resources available, and it is encouraged to reach out to get help. Dementia support groups, activities that can help strengthen social relationships, as well as treatment for dementia should all be utilized, to help minimize the changes that one may experience with dementia.

Dr. Elist Reviews Alzheimer’s Disease & Sexuality

Dr. Elist Reviews Alzheimer’s & Weekly Blog Topics

Dr. Elist Reviews Alzheimer’s & Weekly Blog Topics

Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, can cause changes in one’s sexual behaviors ranging from hyposexuality to hypersexuality. Dr. Elist reviews the importance to note that behavior’s displayed by the individual are not intentional and are the result of damage done to certain parts of the brain. Loss of social etiquette including undressing in public, use of vulgar language or other distressing sexual behaviors can often be seen in cases of more advanced dementia. If you or a loved one is experiencing some of these behaviors, it is important to seek help to adjust and cope with these actions. A strong social support system is key in providing help, support and guidance.

Dr. Elist Reviews Organic Foods & Alzheimer’s

While much research is being devoted to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease as well as Alzheimer’s prevention, certain foods and practices have been shown to play a beneficial role in delaying the effects. Keeping an active lifestyle and exercise (Body Weight | Psyche) have both been studied and shown to have positive effects on Alzheimer’s prevention. Dr. Elist reviews how certain foods have shown that they contain key elements that can also play a positive role. Organic nuts, as well as certain fatty fish are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been long considered a brain super food. Organic berries as well as dark chocolate have natural antioxidants (Superfood Alternatives) and flavanoids that can help prevent further brain cell damage and increase blood flow to the brain. Both of which are beneficial to the prevention and recovery from Alzheimer’s disease.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, consult your primary care doctor today. Early prevention is key, and with proper care and support, many can live long and rewarding lives. If you have a suggestion for a blog topic review, please feel free to submit it and if chosen we will write about your proposed topic.

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